Friday, December 07, 2018

Cardinals at Packers Weekend

Last weekend, we headed north to Green Bay for an 11-day stay over two game weekends.

Lambeau Field on a rainy Thursday night.

What happens when you’re traded mid-season.

A very quiet Lambeau Field Atrium on Friday afternoon.

Lambeau Field Christmas decorations.

Lambeau Field Christmas decorations.

Lambeau Field Christmas decorations.

The Cardinals of Arizona were the weekend’s visiting team.

Saturday morning Packers Alumni signing in the Atrium.

Saturday morning Packers Alumni signing in the Atrium.

Saturday morning Packers Alumni signing in the Atrium.

From time to time, we take Lambeau Field tours, which is what your editor hopes to lead in his post-retirement years.

On an upper level, by a painting depicting the crowd at the Ice Bowl.

A Lambeau suite is ready for Sunday’s game.

Looking at Lambeau Field on an incredibly windy and wet Friday evening.

Looking straight up at the south end’s digital scoreboard.

The world’s largest Packers “G.”

The tour making its way down another level.

Looking out on the field from the Champions Club.

Taking a break with a Packers history lesson.

Seen in the Champions Club...

Walking along the upper concourse, spookily deserted.

Now we’re down in the bowels of Lambeau Field.

Looking towards the tunnel leading out to the field.

A talk about the Packers’ locker room, which is on the other side of that wall.

These are the doors through which the players leave and enter the locker room.

Heading down the tunnel towards the field.

We’ve never taken the tour after dark, so this is what it looks like at night.

Walking out into the cold, windy rain to walk around part of the playing field.

Your Packerville, U.S.A. editor along the covered field.

The field, from field-level.

The scoreboard always has game info displayed on the nights before a game.

The lower concourse is also deserted.

And then it was out into the crowd gathered for the “Festival of Lights.”

The man himself was in attendance.

Holiday touches in the Atrium.

Cookie frosting area.

The obligatory high school choir performing.

Heading out for the lighting of the Lambeau Field Christmas tree.

But the tree did not light. Somehow representative of this whole 2018 season.

Now it’s Sunday morning... walking to Lambeau Field.

It was a slushy, sleety, rainy pre-game time.

Not too often have we seen the field still covered this late on game day.

The grounds crew removing the tarps.

But the wind has other ideas...

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

Cameraman all set to go long before the telecast starts.

Your Packerville, U.S.A. editor during pre-game warm-ups time.

The sideline area was kind of a slushy mess.

Then the snow and wind really picked up for a while.

Arizona Cardinals players out to acclimate themselves to the weather.

More clean-up/set-up in the sideline area.

Our view for the game. With the wet conditions, we did not bring the camera for capturing game action. It’s supposed to be dry at the Falcons game, so we will then.

A disturbing final score.

The attendees... two brothers, two sons-in-law.