Friday, September 19, 2014

Jets Game Program Cover

This was the game program cover for last Sunday’s Packers-Jets game at Lambeau Field. Be sure to enjoy the photos from the game that were also posted today.

Jets at Packers Gallery

It’s been a busy week, not leaving us much time to devote to the blog. But we wanted to share these images from the Packers-Jets game last Sunday afternoon. Actually, the first few are from Saturday, as we see Lambeau Field the day before, being prepared for the game the next day. 

The grounds crew is painting the hash marks on the field so they’ll be fresh about 24 hours later. 

A view of the gridiron and stands from field level. 

The best (and only) aluminum benches in the NFL await the best fans in the NFL. 

It’s a quiet Saturday under the stands on the main concourse level. 

Now we’re at Lambeau on Sunday, with the New York Jets warming up on the field prior to the game. 

The Jets’ K Nick Folk gets the action underway. 

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) under center as the Packers get the ball. 

Here, the Jets have the ball deep in their own territory to start a drive. 

LB Julius Peppers (#56) and CB Tramon Williams (#38) make a tackle. 

The Packers’ sideline. 

Rodgers has a wide hole to work with. 

The Packers’ offense at work on a beautiful sunny September afternoon. 

During a time out, WR Jordy Nelson (#87), RB Eddie Lacy (#27), and WR Randall Cobb (#18) take a breather. 

Rodgers confers with Head Coach Mike McCarthy on the same time out. 

The New York Jets’ sideline. 

The Packers’ defense at work. 

LB’s Clay Matthews (#52) and A.J. Hawk (#50) await the snap.

Now it’s the Packers’ turn to start deep in their own territory. 

Defensive work on the same spot. 

Rodgers gets his offense together for a huddle. 

Rodgers throws into the South end zone. 

Also in the South end, the defense tries to stop the Jets. 

It was a beautiful day for a game. 

Rodgers scrambles right, looking for an open receiver. 

Huddling deep in the North end of the field again. 

They’re so nice and close when they get down to our end of the stadium. 

It was a very windy day outside Lambeau Field, but not too bad inside. 

On an instant replay review, T David Bakhtiari (#69) chats with an official while they look at the HD video board.

Lacy takes off on a running play. 

Rodgers at work, looking for a receiver in the North end zone. 

This is the end of the big fight after the two-point conversion. 

An official’s flag in the North end zone. 

We like these guys’ banner in the South end zone. 

Rodgers fakes the hand-off to Lacy. 

Your quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, up close. 

Jordy Nelson up close, too. 

The final score of the Packers’ first victory of the 2014 season.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Week Three TV Map

The TV maps for Week 3 have been released, and the FOX early game featuring Green Bay at Detroit will be shown to those of you living in the BLUE areas shown above. Map courtesy of 506 Sports.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Grab Bag ’O Stuff

If you haven’t picked up your copy of the 2014 Green Bay Packers Yearbook yet, you can find it all throughout Wisconsin. Or, you can order it online from the Pro Shop here

This was the game program cover for the Packers vs. Oakland Raiders game on August 22. 

This was the game program cover for the Packers vs. Kansas City Chiefs game on August 28.  

A new publication, Packerland Pride, has appeared in Northeast Wisconsin. We picked up these two issues at Festival Foods in Green Bay. The magazine’s website is here.

These printed Camp Guides were available during Training Camp, and we picked them up during our 18 days in town this Summer.

The new Packers Pro Shop catalog arrived the other day. You can request one here.

Free 2014 Packers schedule magnets were given away to all fans entering the two preseason games at Lambeau Field in August. 

A new Packers book has hit the market... The Paul Hornung Scrapbook. Get your copy here or here. “Having played his entire career for the Green Bay Packers for the better part of a decade, Paul Hornung’s collection of memorabilia and photographs span a large and important section of Packers history. Now, Hornung makes his private collection of memorabilia available to the public for the first time ever, and includes never-before-seen photographs. This scrapbook also features such photos as his original contract with the Packers and stories and memories from Hornung himself, making this one-of-a-kind collection the perfect keepsake for any Cheesehead.”

Word came today that Packers legend Bart Starr, 80, suffered a minor stroke last week. We assume that means he will not appear with the rest of the Packers Alumni during halftime at Sunday’s game. Please keep Bart and the Starr family in your thoughts and prayers.