Saturday, May 11, 2019

Packers at Patriots — 1985 Week 1

Set the offseason wayback machine to Sunday, September 8, 1985 as we travel to Sullivan Stadium (later Foxboro Stadium) in the Boston metro area. It is the first game of the 1985 NFL season, in the midst of the Forrest Gregg Era, and it’s his Green Bay Packers vs. the New England Patriots, coached by Raymond Berry. It would be another 15 years before Bill Belichick would arrive to transform the Patriots. On this sunny early summer day, 49,488 fans gathered to watch the game, which was eventually won by the Patriots, 26-20.

Who were some of the Packers players you’ll see in this contest? QB Lynn Dickey, WR James Lofton, WR Phillip Epps, TE Paul Coffman, RB Eddie Lee Ivery, RB Jessie Clark, LB John Anderson, DE Robert Brown, LB Mike Douglass, CB Mark Lee, S Mark Murphy (not the current Packers CEO), LB Brian Noble, K Al Del Greco, G Ron Hallstrom, T Ken Ruettgers, and many more.