Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Bob Skoronski Dead at 84

Another prominent member of the Lomabrdi-era championship teams of the 1960’s has passed away. LT Bob Skoronski, who wore No. 76, protected the quarterbacks’ blind side in 1956, and again from 1959 to 1968 (although he missed the 1957 and 1958 seasons while serving in the United States Air Force). He played on Green Bay’s championship teams in 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966, and 1967, the Ice Bowl, and the first two Super Bowls. Skoronski was selected for the Pro Bowl in 1966 and was inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame in 1976. Our sympathies go out to the Skoronski family. More information here.
Graphic: Green Bay Packers

Sunday, October 28, 2018

49ers at Packers — Part II

Back with Part II of our photos from the Monday-nighter before the bye week between the Packers and the 49ers. Above, a close-up view of the San Francisco offensive huddle.. 

The 49ers breaking the huddle as the Packers’ defense awaits.

49ers QB C.J. Beathard (#3) looks for a receiver over the middle, which is being patrolled by S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (#21).

A look at the left side of the Green Bay offensive line at work, while RB Jamaal Williams (#30) looks for one of them to clear an opening.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) shows the proper form in calling a time out.

The Packers’ offense comes to the line of scrimmage.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) getting good protection on the left side from G Lane Taylor (#65) and C Corey Linsley (#63).

The eyes of DL Mike Daniels (#76) and DE Dean Lowry (#94) are locked onto QB C.J. Beathard (#3).

TE Jimmy Graham (#80) watches a pass that has not ended up in his hands.

49ers RB Matt Breida (#22) looks to run right, as LB Nick Perry (#53) and LB Blake Martinez (#50) wait for him to do so.

San Francisco K Robbie Gould (#9) kicks a field goal at Lambeau Field, where he also came every year as a member of the Chicago Bears.

LB Blake Martinez (#50).

49ers LB Reuben Foster (#56) takes the legs out from underneath RB Aaron Jones (#33).

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) looking over his team’s offensive alignment prior to the snap.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) giving an adjustment signal to RB Aaron Jones (#33), or perhaps to a receiver.

San Francisco players attempt to block a kick by K Mason Crosby (#2).

RB Ty Montgomery (#88) tries to run off the right side of the photograph.

WR Davante Adams (#17) looks for yardage after the catch at midfield.

WR/PR Richie James Jr. (#13) awaits a P JK Scott (#6) punt.

Double ESPN Monday Night Football cameramen.

LB Oren Burks (#42) just misses getting a handful of RB Raheem Mostert (#31).

One of the Lambeau Field cheer squads all bundled up in the chilly weather.

Head Coach Mike McCarthy calling plays from his sheet on the sideline.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) has time to throw, thanks to RB Jamaal Williams (#30) and C Corey Linsley (#63).

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) tries to “get the heck outta here,” as his protection is breached.

WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling (#83) has three 49ers in hot pursuit after his catch.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) goes down in the backfield.

P JK Scott (#6) booms one toward the south end zone with seemingly very few 49ers on the field.

A Packers’ receiver goes down, courtesy of four members of the 49ers’ defense. Seems like that would leave a lot of other receivers uncovered. Just sayin'...

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) about to throw the tying TD.

K Mason Crosby (#2) kicks off, with just a couple of minutes to go in the game.

S Ha Ha Clinton Dix (#21) is the only one available to stop the 49ers’ pass attack.

But CB Kevin King (#20) is the one who intercepts a pass, stopping the 49ers’ drive and giving the Packers a small amount of time to win the game in regulation.

They have a long way to go to be able to attempt a field goal. Like, about 60 yards.

Above and below, QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) engineers a drive that moves the Packers within field goal range with seconds to go.

K Mason Crosby’s (#2) week goes from horrible to awesome, when he kicks the game-winning field goal as time expires on the clock.

K Mason Crosby (#2) is congratulated on the field.

Both K Mason Crosby (#2) and QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) are interviewed by the media on the field following the game.

By the way, we wonder if anyone else has noticed that the Packers have used retro-numbers on the scoreboard this year as part of the “100 Seasons” celebration.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) is interviewed on the field.

As we’ve said many times, this is a great sight as you exit the stadium, and begin the trek to the car parked in a darkened neighborhood.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

49ers at Packers — Part I

You’d think that with the bye week and everything, we’d have time to get the photos posted from the San Francisco Monday night game, right? But time is a tyrant and sometimes you just can’t keep up. So here is Gallery #1 of the images from the October 15th game at Lambeau Field. Above, San Francisco 49ers players out on the field warming up early.

This poor fellow — K Mason Crosby (#2) had just an awful day at Detroit the week earlier. Almost nothing went right. Well, some things did go wide right and others went wide left. You have to wonder what his mind was like on this day, having an extra day to think about things.

A while ago, I thought that the officials, with a big push from Microsoft, were going to be looking at their replays on tablets right on the field, saving time. I guess that was just a lot of smoke, and they’ve been “going under the hood” just like they always did, because you still have to have at least two minutes worth of commercials.

Above and below, working on some Packers helmets, pre-game.

San Francisco fans travel pretty well in support of their team.

“Monday Night Football” used to be the big time — national exposure for your team. But, with Thursday and Sunday nights in primetime, it seems to have lost its luster.

K Mason Crosby (#2) practicing field goals.

The ESPN pre-game show is underway, in the northeast corner of the field. The set folds down to the height of the yellow stadium railing so that it does not obstruct fans’ views of the game.

Large group of Packers out for their pre-game drills.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) and teammates run over to the Packers’ bench area to start throwing the ball around.

San Francisco 49ers players working some of their drills on the Packers’ sideline.

A gathering of NFL officials yucking it up before they go to work.

ESPN cameraman has QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) in his sight.

Packers players come down to the north end zone to spend a few moments in prayer.

The pre-game coin toss.

Special teams huddling up before the kick-off.

K Mason Crosby (#2) setting up the tee while his coverage team motivates itself.

The opening kick-off.

The 49ers on offense first. LB Blake Martinez (#50) oversees things from the middle.

DE Dean Lowry (#94) tries to dispose of his blocker and get into the backfield.

The 49ers have just gone down and scored a TD like a hot knife through butter.

The San Francisco bench area, early on in the game.

RB Ty Montgomery (#88) awaits the ensuing kick-off.

A bit of an altercation between the two teams early in the game.

The Packers offense huddles up.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) hands off to RB Aaron Jones (#33). Too bad the center’s name isn’t “Aaron” too.

Fumble! Well, let’s see who came up with it.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) with active feet — scramble or pass it?

O.K. Go ahead and throw it for a touchdown. Which he did.

The problem in Detroit must’ve been that the guy with the bullseye wasn’t there to guide K Mason Crosby (#2). The Packers should ensure that this guy is at every game for the rest of the season.

Head Coach Mike McCarthy prowls the Packers’ sideline.

The offensive line takes a breather on the bench.

The Packers’ defense awaits the 49ers offense.

San Francisco QB C.J. Beathard (#3) looks over the defense.

CB/PR Tramon Williams (#38) is in position to field the kick from P Bradley Pinion (#5).

The offense waits for the T.V. to come back from commercials during the post-punt change of possession.

Packers’ offensive huddle close-up.

The offense heading south on the field.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) hands off this time to RB Jamaal Williams (#30).

After faking the hand-off, QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) rolls out the opposite way.

LB Oren Burks (#42) has help from his defensive teammates in stopping RB Matt Breida (#22).

The defense starts to react to the QB’s throw downfield...

... which winds up as a TD to WR Marquise Goodwin (#11).

Back on the field, QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) tries to get rid of it while under pressure.

The Lambeau Field crowd on the first chilly game evening of the season

P JK Scott (#6) gets one away under no pressure.
Tomorrow: Part II