Sunday, December 31, 2017

Ice Bowl 50th Anniversary

50 years ago today, the legendary “Ice Bowl” (the 1967 NFL Championship game) was played at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Dallas Cowboys were the visiting team, vying for their first NFL title against the Green Bay Packers — who were trying for their third NFL title in a row. To commemorate this monumental event, we are presenting these videos, audio, and photos from that historic, frigid day. Firste, we have a re-created broadcast featuring the voice of the 1960’s Packers, Ray Scott, who originally called the game for CBS on December 31, 1967. Watch it here.

An incredible merge of WTMJ radio and film of the entire game is HERE.  YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!!!

This segment is from the NFL Network’s episode of “Vince Lombardi — A Football Life.”

This is the CBS intro to the “Ice Bowl” broadcast on that day.

Here are the last four minutes of the Dallas Cowboys radio network broadcast.

The WTMJ Green Bay Packers radio network broadcast of the game can be found here. It features Ted Moore (above) with the play-by-play.

Some amateur 8mm film from the game.

The NFL Films biography of Vince Lombardi that was done after his death in 1970.

And now, a huge gallery of images from that day:

This is the cover of the 1967 NFL Championship Game — “the Ice Bowl.” Check out our previous presentation of the entire program here.

The National Weather Service chart for December 31, 1967.

This photo of fans at Lambeau Field tells you all you need to know about the conditions on that December Sunday.

Two hearty souls — perhaps twins?

The Green Bay Packers Band on the field.

Two aerial photos (above and below) from that day, which just came to light this week.

QB Bart Starr (#15) hands off to HB Travis Williams (#23).

QB Bart Starr (#15) looks over the Dallas defense at the line of scrimmage.

QB Bart Starr (#15) gets a pass off over DE George Andrie (#66) and a fellow defender.

A look at the Packers on offense, with FB Chuck Mercein (#30) providing protection for QB Bart Starr (#15). Note the exposed Packers’ old administration building in the background, behind the north end zone. The Packers’ locker room was located there.

Dallas QB Don Meredith (#17) just after the snap.

WR Boyd Dowler (#86) catches a touchdown pass over the coverage of DB Mel Renfro (#20)

RB Dan Reeves (#30) fights for some yardage with DE Willie Davis (#87), DB Tom Brown (#40, partially hidden), and LB Dave Robinson (#89) in pursuit.

The Packers gang-tackle RB Don Perkins (#43) — with LB Lee Roy Caffey (#60), LB Ray Nitschke (#66), and DB Willie Wood (#24) in on the fun.

WR Boyd Dowler (#86) scores another touchdown in the south end zone.

RB Don Perkins (#43) makes a gain against the Packers’ defense. LB Ray Nitschke (#66) looks to perhaps be the eventual tackler.

Another view of the loyal Green Bay Packers fans watching the frozen action. A total of 50,861 people were in attendance — with at least double that number claiming later to have been there.

QB Dan Meredith (#17) is sacked.

QB Bart Starr (left) on the sideline with Coach Vince Lombardi.

Another view of one of WR Boyd Dowler’s (#86) two touchdown receptions. He had four receptions for 77 yards on the day.

QB Bart Starr (#15) is sacked by LB Dave Edwards (#52).

The view you would’ve had of QB Bart Starr (#15) as a Dallas defensive player.

DE George Andrie (#66) scoops up a Packers’ fumble, which he returned seven yards for a touchdown.

WR Carroll Dale (#84) is driven into the hard turf by LB Dave Edwards (#52).

FB Ben Wilson (#36) gets into the game, trying here to elude the tackle by LB Dave Edwards (#52).

LB Dave Robinson (#89) stops RB Don Perkins (#43) cold (no pun intended).

QB Bart Starr (#15) looks to pass under good protection by T Bob Skoronski (#76).

Dallas players huddle by a heater under the makeshift “dugout” constructed on the sideline.

On the final drive, FB Chuck Mercein (#30) gains a big chunk of yards inside the Dallas “red zone.”

Coach Vince Lombardi watches his team get closer to a third straight championship.

QB Bart Starr (#15) drives the Packers’ offense towards the south end zone with time running down in the fourth quarter.

QB Bart Starr (#15) barks out the signals as the Packers faithful in the stands watch and pray.

QB Bart Starr (#15) begins his unexpected (by his own players) sneak.

QB Bart Starr (#15) crosses the goal line due to the blocks by G Jerry Kramer (#64) and C Ken Bowman (#57).

QB Bart Starr (#15) lays safely in the south end zone, as expected ballcarrier FB Chuck Mercein (#30) holds his hands in the air to show the officials that he was not assisting Starr on his sneak play.

The Packers’ sideline erupts in celebration as the Packers take the lead, 21-17 (after the extra point).

Another less famous view of the post-sneak touchdown.

Coach Vince Lombardi is congratulated on the sideline following the go-ahead score.

Yes, they did... and he was laying across the south end zone goal line.

Above and below, ecstatic fans tear down the goal posts following the game.

An exhausted and thawing QB Bart Starr talks with reporters in the Packers’ locker room following the game.

FB Chuck Merecein (#30), a late-season pick up, is congratulated by Coach Vince Lombardi.

The following day’s front page from the (Madison) Wisconsin State Journal.


Box score and statistics from the 1967 NFL Championship.

Photo credits in this post: The Green Bay Packers, the Dallas Cowboys, Vernon Biever, John Bieber, National Football League, the Wisconsin State Journal, the Green Bay Press-Gazette, and the Associated Press. This post is presented for historical purposes only.