Tuesday, August 01, 2017

2017 Training Camp • Practice 5

Tuesday was the final 8:15 a.m. practice for 2017 Green Bay Packers Training Camp, allowing us to sleep a bit later for the rest of camp. Getting up at 4:30 a.m. to be in line by 5:15 a.m. to get a top-row spot is a bit weary on the bones. Practice kicked off (literally) with some special teams work, as seen above.

While the offense works inside the Don Hutson Center in secrecy for the first half-hour or so, the defense has to resort to beating on each other.

CB Raysean Pringle (#46) defends against “WR” Daquan Holmes (#38), who is really a free safety.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) comes out with the rest of the offense.

G Geoff Gray (#74) and 2017 sixth-round draft pick C Kofi Amichia (#79) get some instruction and await their turn in an offensive line drill.

Free agent G Jahri Evans (#73) and T Bryan Bulaga (#75) stay low.

G Geoff Gray (#74), T Robert Leff (#70), G Adam Pankey (#77), and G Thomas Evans (#60) work on blocking each other.

“Real” P Justin Vogel (#5) assists with “fake” punts from the Jugs Machine™.

WR Randall Cobb (#18) and TE Martellus Bennett (#80) dance to a tune during one of the “T.V. Time-outs” they have during practice.

Even if you’re a big free agent signing, you still must practice the basics, like TE Martellus Bennett (#80) does in the team tackling drills.

CB Josh Hawkins (#28) prepares to tackle one of the giant donuts rolled out by one of his coaches.

FS Damarious Randall (#23) and FS Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (#21) also chase donuts.

Head Coach Mike McCarthy talks with special guest, UW basketball coach Greg Gard.

Some old-fashioned sled hittin’ by LB Josh Letuligasenoa (#59).

FS Morgan Burnett (#42) laughs on the sideline with the crowd.

S Kentrell Brice (#29) makes an interception.

FB Aaron Ripkowski (#22), William Stanback (#43), and 2017 fifth-round draft pick RB Aaron Jones (#33) watch along with QB Aaron Rodgers (#12). For those keeping score at home, yes, that’s three “Aarons” in one photo.

RB Ty Montgomery (#88) gets some pre-snap info from QB Aaron Rodgers (#12).

2017 fourth-round draft pick RB Jamaal Williams (#30) and QB Brett Hundley (#7) get the play from an assistant coach.

LB Jake Ryan (#47) accidentally trips RB Ty Montgomery (#88) for whom this short pass was intended.

The offense-defense “one-on-one” or “test of manhood” drills are fun to watch. Here, G Geoff Gray (#74) gets the best of DT Christian Ringo (#99).

WR Jordy Nelson (#87) reaches for a high pass, and makes the catch.

Also making a reaching grab is undrafted free agent WR Michael Clark (#89), over the best effort of CB Donatello Brown (#44).

Another undrafted free agent, WR Colby Pearson (#1), can’t reach this way-too-high pass. On the coverage is FS Daquan Holmes (#38).

The first string defense awaits the offense.

This alignment has LB Clay Matthews (#52) rushing from the outside.

Here DE Dean Lowry (#94) is assuming the outside rush.

LB Nick Perry (#53) gets some “hands in the face” action on T Bryan Bulaga (#75).

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) throws a short dump-off pass to FB Aaron Ripkowski (#22).

The Man in classic quarterback pose.

RB Ty Montgomery (#88) cuts back inside of his blockers on a running play.

RB Aaron Jones (#34) making a cut.

G Jahri Evans (#73) a former New Orleans Saint.

C Corey Lindley (#63) and G Lane Taylor (#65) walk with their coaches.

RB Ty Montgomery (#88) getting some instructions on the near sideline.

T David Bakhtiari (#69) making his way over to his fellow linemen on a “T.V. Time-Out.”

TE Martellus Bennett (#80) interacts with the crowd.

A fight breaks out between LB Jordan Tripp (#58) and T Don Barclay (#67), and their teammates break it up.

QB Joe Callahan (#6) gets his turn with the offense.

QB Brett Hundley (#7) does the same.

QB Taysom Hill (#8) throws a touchdown on this play.

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) calmly sits in the pocket, looking for a receiver.

That’s it... practice is over for today. The team gets a day off, and then practice switches to the evenings for Thursday and Friday. Thanks for stopping by.

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