Saturday, December 17, 2016

Seahawks at Packers

It’s been a hectic week with work and travel (during the midwest snowstorm today), but we wanted to get the images up from the Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks game last Sunday. Above, here we are driving north to Green Bay on Friday evening. 

A winter Wisconsin sunset. 

There weren’t nearly as many Seattle Seahawks fans in Green Bay as there were at last year’s home opener. The Atrium in general was pretty low key for a Saturday afternoon before a home game. 

Your Packerville, U.S.A. editor sends you Christmas Greetings from Titletown. 

1990’s-era former Packers Gilbert Brown and Santana Dotson were the featured alumni this weekend, signing autographs in the Atrium on Saturday and appearing as honorary captains on game day.

When in town during the week, you can attend Packers T.V. show tapings free of charge. 

To bring luck on Sunday, and to get a touch of history, we like to drive past Coach Vince Lombardi’s home the day before home games. 

The snow in Green Bay started late Saturday night and continued right on up to just before game time (kick-off was at 3:25 p.m. CST). 

Walking from our standard parking space to Lambeau Field on Sunday afternoon. 

Work on the Titletown District continues, as we see the Lodge Kohler Hotel. It has been enclosed with walls and windows so that interior work can be done all winter. The opening will be before next season’s Training Camp. 

This was the condition of Lambeau’s “bowl” on Sunday. This is why you need a chair-back seat for your posterior, and some cardboard or foam under your feet to insulate them from the cold snow or concrete.

Our standard Packers’ sideline view before the game. 

WR Jordy Nelson out running the field’s perimeter early in warm-ups. 

Three early games being shown on the Jumbotron for the fans who enter the stadium before the crowds. 

Like we said earlier, there weren’t as many Seattle fans as last year, but there were some. 

The box with the “T.T.” and “M.M.” labels is where GM Ted Thompson and team president Mark Murphy watch each game.

Some players come out earlier, but then the rest of the team comes out together for group warm-ups, as seen above. 

The Seattle Seahawks gather together on their end of the field. 

WR Randall Cobb, catching the ball for QB Aaron Rodgers in warm-ups.

Above and below, two shots of QB Aaron Rodgers throwing to limber up. 

Some of the other players on the field, with WR Jordy Nelson (#87) catching for back-up QB Brett Hundley (#7). 

WR Davante Adams (#17) making some catches pre-game. 

Head Coach Mike McCarthy jokes with the game’s officials. 

 A Packers’ team gathering before heading back to the locker room.

Seattle Head Coach Pete Carroll with some of his players in pre-game. 

The Packers doing some stretching as a team. 

The game is underway, with Seattle on offense following the Packers’ TD from WR Davante Adams on the third play. 

The Packers with the ball again, with QB Aaron Rodgers’ breath visible on this cold day. 

QB Aaron Rodgers takes the snap as they come towards the north end of the field. 

QB Aaron Rodgers looks up to the stadium scoreboard before the snap of the ball. 

The Seattle offense’s huddle. 

A Green Bay tackle is made on a Seattle ballcarrier. 

DE Dean Lowry (#94) and LB Clay Matthews (#52) get ready for another Seattle play. 

Former Packer P Jon Ryan punts following the failure of Seattle to get a first down. 

Seattle’s premier CB Richard Sherman prepares to cover WR Davante Adams

WR/RB Ty Montgomery (#88) sprints through a hole created by the Packers’ offensive line. 

Seattle QB Russell Wilson looks for a target, as Packers’ S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (#21) watches his every move. 

The offensive unit, including C Corey Linsley (#63) and G Lane Taylor (#65) relax on the bench while the defense is on the field.

K Mason Crosby (#2) kicks one through the uprights on the south end of the field. 

Players keep warm along the Packers’ sideline. 

It was so nice that the Seattle fans had very little to cheer about during the whole game. 

Again, S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (#21) keeps his attention on QB Russell Wilson. 

WR Randall Cobb (#18) is set to receive a Seattle punt. 

The Packers’ offense huddles up before a play. 

WR/RB Ty Montgomery (#88) sweeps right, looking for daylight. 

On a Packers’ time out, QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) cleans his cleats. 

Seattle’s Pete Carroll can’t be enjoying what he sees from the Seahawks’ sideline. 

DE/LB Datone Jones (#95) almost gets a sack of Russell Wilson. 

A bundled-up Lambeau Field crowd enjoys a stress-free butt-kicking of their disliked rivals from the northwest. 

During an instant replay challenge, WR Jordy Nelson (#87) watches the scoreboard, knowing that he had possession of the ball on a sideline catch (the refs ruled he didn’t).

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) looks for an open receiver in the north end zone. 

A zoomed-back view of the same scenario. 

Russell Wilson again just gets a pass off before getting hit by DT Letroy Guion (#98) and another hard-to-identify Packer.

The Packers’ tunnel is mostly covered by snow. 

It was nice to see Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus at the game. You’d think they’d be too busy before Christmas to get away from the North Pole.

With Rodgers limping and a huge lead, QB Brett Hundley (#7) was sent in to finish the game — here, handing off to RB Christine Michael (#32). 

WR/RB/KR Ty Montgomery takes a knee prior the kick-off following Seattle’s only TD. 

The Packers’ defense near the end of the game. 

Action during Seattle’s last possession. 

The final score — greatly enjoyed by the crowd. 

Players gathering at mid-field following the game. 

QB Aaron Rodgers leaving the field and heading to the locker room.

Always good to see.


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