Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Cowboys at Packers — Part II

Our coverage of the Cowboys vs. Packers continues with game photos today. Above, we see the coin toss prior to kickoff.

Dallas on offense early in the game. Closest to the foreground are the two players who would make the game miserable for the Packers and the fans in attendance — QB Dak Prescott (#4) and RB Ezekiel Elliott (#21).

Prescott faking the handoff to Ezekiel... 

 ... so he can throw downfield. Unable to break free to get pressure on the QB is DT Mike Daniels (#76).

QB Aaron Rodgers (#12) prior to the snap. WR Ty Montgomery (#88) is playing RB.

Rodgers watches the hog pile. 

The Packers’ defense awaits the Cowboys. 

LB Jake Ryan (#47) looks ready for whatever comes his way. 

The Dallas Cowboys bench area on a sunny Fall afternoon. 

T David Bakhtiari (#69), G Lane Taylor (#65), and C J.C. Tretter (#73) provide protection for QB Aaron Rodgers

Packers’ special teams huddle. 

Prescott and the Cowboys coming our way. 

Rodgers makes the play call in the “throwback” huddle. 

The Packers’ offense just had a heck of a time scoring on this day. 

Head Coach Mike McCarthy (standing next to yardage marker) surveys his under-performing team.

At halftime, there was a ceremony where Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre received his Hall of Fame ring from David Baker, president of the Hall. 

This marked the third time in two years that Favre has returned to Green Bay during the season. The Packers lost both games where he was honored.

Favre places his Hall of Fame ring on his finger. 

His name was unveiled on the stadium facade during the ceremony. 

Favre then said a few words to the crowd, but halftime is short, so it wasn’t a long ceremony. 

Favre and Reggie White will co-exist next to each other forever in Lambeau Field.  

Team President and CEO Mark Murphy (standing) and GM Ted Thompson (obscured at far right) watch their team against Dallas. We would love to have been a fly on the wall.

RB Eddie Lacy is chased to the sideline. 

QB Aaron Rodgers, trying to get the offense moving (and scoring), looks for a receiver late in the game. 

T Bryan Bulaga sustained an injury that led to his exiting the game. 

 The Cowboys with the ball deep in their own territory in the third quarter.

Prescott handing off to Elliott in the end zone. 

 An overall view from our “Green Package” season tickets seats.

There wasn’t much to document or share from the fourth quarter. Just a lot of Cowboys. 

And that does it for this photo series. On Sunday, we’ll be at the Colts vs. Packers game. Good night.