Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Cowboys at Packers — Part I

Time to get some stuff up on the blog that has been sitting around while we’ve been generally busy and traveling. This is the first of two posts from the Packers vs. Cowboys weekend (October 15th and 16th). Above, we see some of the products we came across with Packers connections at the grocery store a couple of blocks west of Lambeau Field.

The Packers Alumni that were back in town for the game on Sunday.

The Lambeau Field Atrium is always buzzing on the Saturday afternoon of a home game weekend, with stadium tours, the Packers Pro Shop, and the Packers Hall of Fame being the main focal points.

The 1919 Kitchen and Tap is also busy throughout the weekend. 

Just across Ridge Road to the west, the Titletown development continues, with progress bing made on the Lodge Kohler hotel. 

Looking back towards Lambeau Field shows the proximity of the hotel to the stadium. 

The Hinterland Brewery is also coming along. We assume they are striving towards getting them enclosed before the Wisconsin winter hits. 

Walking to Lambeau Field early on Sunday afternoon for the 3:25 p.m. game. 

A beautiful Autumn Sunday afternoon in Wisconsin. 

Sideline views as fans trickle into the stadium bowl. 

Sideline views as fans trickle into the stadium bowl.  

Sideline views as fans trickle into the stadium bowl. 

Sideline views as fans trickle into the stadium bowl.  

Sideline views as fans trickle into the stadium bowl.  

This is new equipment this year, we think. The inset image is what is on the screen at the top left of the unit.

Neighborhood fence along Lombardi Avenue, right across from the stadium. 

 A few players were out early, including rookie DE Dean Lowry.

WR Jordy Nelson is always one of the players out early on the field for stretching and warming up. 

FOX Sports’ Erin Andrews and Troy Aikman talking on the field during warm-ups. 

QB Brett Favre’s name on the stadium facade is covered up until the halftime ceremony. 

WR Jordy Nelson and Troy Aikman chatting a bit. 

 Gameday equipment on the Packers’ sideline.

WR Randall Cobb doing some sprints to get the juices flowing. 

Three games on the Lambeau Field scoreboards a little less than an hour and a half before kickoff. 

Now THAT’s a camera. 

For all of you Erin Andrews fans. 

Not sure what this personnel chart is for on the Packers’ sideline.  

Former WR Bill Schroeder is the Packers’ sideline uniform inspector. If a player is not wearing things correctly, he is the policeman for the NFL. 

The specialists give us our first look at the throwback uniforms on the field. 

Those are our two empty seats (with the empty chair backs in front of the green hand) in Section 102 — our “Green Package” season ticket seats.

WR Randall Cobb throwing and catching out on the field. 

Cowboys’ players going through their pre-game paces. 

The majority of the team coming out for pre-game warm-ups. 

Team huddle, being recorded by NFL Films. 

Some players you may recognize, coming over by the Packers’ bench area

Above and below, a couple of shots of QB Aaron Rodgers getting ready to limber up and throw some passes. 

The FOX broadcast’s overhead camera

Cowboys’ team huddle. 

Packers players going through stretching and calisthenics

Both teams on the field prior to heading back to their locker rooms. 

Some Dallas players... up close.

Check back for Part II.