Saturday, October 15, 2016

Packers-Giants Weekend — Part II

It’s almost time for the next game, but we wanted to get some photos up from the Packers-Giants game last Sunday. We see people like this (above) all the time, and wonder, “do they realize that the person sitting behind them doesn’t want to look at his helmet sculpture all game long?” There are a lot of worse sight-blocking headgear than this that we see all the time. C’mon people, think of someone besides yourself.

WR Jordy Nelson is always out early, running and catching and stretching. 

WR Randall Cobb is also one of the early birds who warms up twice on game days. Once in this attire, and then again in full uniform with his teammates before the game. 

The moon rises above the south Lambeau Field scoreboard.

Packers fans think that it is so hard to attend a Lambeau Field game, but large numbers of opposing fans are at every game. 

The NBC “Football Night in America” crew is on the field for their pre-game broadcast. 

WR Randall Cobb and some of his teammates are huddled before taking the field for organized warmups.

New York QB Eli Manning warms up near the Packers’ sideline. 

Manning’s teammates — and all visiting teams — use the north end of the field for their pre-game duties. 

QB Aaron Rodgers leads a larger group of Packers out for their warmup time. 

WR Randall Cobb tosses the ball to QB Aaron Rodgers as he throws to warm up. With a receiver catching the balls thrown back to Rodgers, it eliminates the chance of a jammed finger before the game.

The national anthem, with flags and breast cancer awareness ribbon. 

The Packers’ offense on their first drive of the night. 

 RB Eddie Lacy getting the early running duties.

QB Aaron Rodgers changing things at the line of scrimmage. 

The offensive line working to get some yardage for Lacy. 

A time-out conference with Rodgers and Head Coach Mike McCarthy. 

The Packers’ defense gangs up on a Giants’ runner. 

The New York Giants’ sideline area. 

QB Eli Manning going to work for the Giants’ offense. 

The Packers’ sideline area

A capacity “Gold Package” (former Milwaukee ticket holders) crowd on hand. 


Teammates celebrate a touchdown from WR Randall Cobb

There was an overabundance of this… long officiating crew conferences before just about every call. 

QB Aaron Rodgers looking to pass. 

Rodgers gets up close and personal with the Giants’ bench area. 

Sunday night was the Packers’ Breast Cancer Awareness game. 

The Packers’ defense attempts to cover the Giants’ pass attack. 

A Packers’ timeout

The Packers’ offense takes a breather on the sideline. 

RB James Starks finds a tight seam to squeeze through, and the Giants’ LB is distracted elsewhere. 

A Giants’ timeout. 

The Packers’ offense in victory formation.

The gathering of players and personnel at midfield as the clock runs out. 

Always a good thing!

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