Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Packers-Lions Weekend

We headed north on Friday afternoon for the home opener weekend, and seen above is the view from the Packerville-mobile while passing through Milwaukee. 

This was our Friday evening fish fry location this week. When in Wisconsin, you simply must get the perch.

A sign in the Packers Pro Shop advertising the event we’d go to on Saturday. 

Lambeau Field video sign with details of Saturday activities. 

“Return to Glory” has just been published by Daniel Kramer, who is the son of Lombardi-era Packers Hall of Fame G Jerry Kramer. This “coffee table”-type book features photography from the 1996 season when a new era of Packers ended the 29-year drought of championships. This is the twentieth year anniversary of that Super Bowl XXXI team. It is a great book.

Your Packerville, U.S.A. editor with Jerry Kramer

Here he is also with Holmgren-era C Frank Winters

Do we get tired of seeing the giant Lombardi trophy? Nope. 

We drove by here and had to stop and get some booyah. We usually do. What is booyah? It is “a thick soup of probable Belgian origin made throughout the Upper Midwestern United States. Booyah can require up to two days and multiple cooks to prepare. It is cooked in specially designed “booyah kettles” and usually meant to serve hundreds or even thousands of people. Beef, chicken, and pork are popular varieties of meat for booyah (with all three often in the same kettle), with vegetables such as carrots, peas, onion, and potatoes also in the mix.” Yum. And SO Wisconsin.

Saturday night’s dinner spot — the Union Hotel in De Pere, Wis. Excellent food in an establishment that seemingly stopped in time 70 years ago. Every Packers head coach has eaten here, but they do not take reservations (even if you’re a Packers’ head coach).

The sunset over the Fox River, taken just down the street from Vince Lombardi’s house. 

Through Saturday, Saturday night, and Sunday morning all the weather people could talk about was the thunderstorms that would hit during the game. So, our usual policy is to leave the good camera equipment at the Packerville, U.S.A. headquarters in such weather. Yeah, it turns out that a gap in the thunderstorms passed over Green Bay and we never got a drop during the game. Accordingly, we only have a few phone shots and a couple from the Packers’ website to make up our game gallery below. Oh well... maybe the next game will be dry. But it’s also a night event, so that poses its own photography issues.

The post-anthem F-16’s flyover was ear-splitting, but always cool. 

A shot of the field action from the Packerville, U.S.A. “Green” season ticket package seats. 

WR Jordy Nelson stretches to grab a TD pass in the exciting first half. The second half was mostly doing the math to see how the Lions could pull off a victory since the Packers only scored three points. 

78,000+ fans enjoying the unexpected super sunny and warm weather. 

He’s back. 

Final score. 

A good, needed victory after the Vikings game last week. 

Two words say it all. 

Saint Brendan’s Inn downtown — the site of Sunday night’s “Victory Dinner.” 

Saint Brendan’s Inn downtown — the site of Sunday night’s “Victory Dinner.”  

Guinness® Pot Roast — delicious. 

Corned Beef and Cabbage — also delicious, according to Mrs. Lambeau.


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