Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Color Rush (Official?)

From the world of NFL news yesterday, @NFL_Leaks reported “This, as far as I know, is the official and final design color sheet for NFL Color Rush (for 2016).” We have seen an earlier version of this which had the Chicago Bears wearing orange jerseys and pants vs. the Green Bay Packers in yellow jerseys and pants for their Thursday night, October 20th game. That seemed to make no sense, with the two colors being too close on the color spectrum (remember colorblind-gate this past season?). This updated and final(?) sheet has the Bears wearing their dark blue jerseys and pants for that game, which makes much more sense contrast-wise. Of course, nothing has been officially announced yet about the Packers’ choice of color. We predicted earlier that the team may reveal the uniform at the annual Shareholders’ meeting on July 20th. More to come...

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