Monday, February 08, 2016

Football Season Is Over

Well, football season is over. Now we enter the months of sporadic activity, endless speculation — and extreme over-analyzation. The NFL will now decide how to prevent a defensive, lower-scoring Super Bowl from ever happening again.They’ll continue to take steps to turn the game into full “entertainment mode” instead of “sport mode” (i.e. mandatory “color rush” uniforms, etc.). The video above shows the ideal game of football that the NFL is striving for (stated with tongue firmly in cheek). I guess your editor could be called a “crotchety old man,” but the game is not the game we grew up loving in many ways, for better or worse. The violence that made it so popular is now the thing that is threatening it the most.

We’ll continue to post in the off-season, so check back regularly to see what we’re up to. Our ninth birthday on the internet (January 28th) came and went without any fanfare, but maybe we’ll do something special next year. Stay tuned.

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Go Pack Go!
Film clip is from the 1954 film “I Love Melvin” (thanks to Uni Watch for the heads up).