Friday, January 01, 2016

First Packers Pro Shop — Sunday’s Game

While going through some stuff in our holiday down time, we came across this photo of the first Packers Pro Shop. It was located in a small room off the main lobby of the old administration building at Lambeau Field. It seemed cool at the time, because just about the only other place in Green Bay where you could find Packers merchandise was down the street at the Montgomery Wards in the Bay Square Park Mall. This little shop has of course evolved into the mega-store we know today underneath the Lambeau Field Atrium, and the Montgomery Wards store is long gone.

We’re heading up Green Bay late tomorrow night for Sunday night’s divisional showdown with the hated Minnesota Vikings. Thanks to so many ticket holders choosing to sell tickets to Vikings’ fans, we expect a sea of purple in the stands. There should be a way to penalize season ticket holders who sell indiscriminately to those people. Vikings games are always the worst for arrests and ejections, so figure in that they now have all day to drink beforehand, and the Green Bay Police Department should be very busy. Out of eight home games, only two were Noon starts this year. And we think that stinks for everyone who goes to the games. But on the NFL totem pole, the ticket-buying fan is the lowest of the low in importance.

Hopefully, the Packers can put in a solid performance and win the division. Then we’ll see if we have to play this same team next week in the playoffs.


Anonymous said...

Agree completely on starting time. Out here in EST it means an 830 kick-off, too late for my daughters to stay up and watch much beyond the opening series or so, and it leaves an old guy like me a sleep-deprived wreck the next day. Haven't they been watching how MLB has essentially eliminated its younger fan base and ensured Mutual of Omaha-like ratings for the World Series with its late starts?

A specific question for you: did you get any shots of the Favre ceremony, and the Starr arrival? If so, could you post them some time? Apologies if I missed them. Thanks for your continuing efforts.

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