Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rams at Packers

We’ve finally found some time to post photos from last Sunday’s St. Louis Rams vs. Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau Field. Here’s a view of the stadium on Saturday afternoon as the area buzzed with football fans taking tours and buying a lot of merchandise at the Packers Pro Shop.

This is one of two fences along Lombardi Avenue which face Lambeau and have a yearly message painted on them. This is the newer of the two, this year featuring graffiti-like artwork.

Also along Lombardi Avenue are several “party homes” that can be rented for a lot of cash for game weekends. This is something which has been transforming the neighborhoods around Lambeau in recent years, diluting the quaint atmosphere that once was. 

Giant Lombardi Trophy replica in the backyard of one of these properties.

Similar in look is another party facility a few doors down.

Now it’s Sunday morning, and here’s our walk to the stadium about two hours before game time, approaching from the West. There aren’t a lot of people on the roads because most are tailgating in the parking areas on either side.

A panoramic view along the Packers’ sideline during warm-ups and set-up time, about two hours before game time.

Where are the custom seats with cup holders and waitress service? Nowhere to be found. In the original bowl at Lambeau, each fan his their own exclusive 18" of aluminum bench.

QB Aaron Rodgers warms up before heading back to the locker room to get his equipment on.

Back-up QB Scott Tolzien choose a couple of balls for his warm-ups.

P Tim Masthay and K Mason Crosby come out for their warm-ups all dressed and ready to go for the game.

A welcome on a warm, sunny day in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Some of the St. Louis Rams during their team warm-up time.

The University of Wisconsin marching band played before the game, and also performed the National Anthem.

The Packers come out for team introductions.

The Packers on offense early in the game.

Scene along the Green Bay sideline.

A very stoic QB Aaron Rodgers looks to pass with a pass rusher seemingly about to sack him.

The offensive linemen take a breather on the sideline following an early scoring drive.

Head Coach Mike McCarthy at work on the sideline.

A beautiful sunny day at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, U.S.A.

Rodgers and some offensive teammates watch the defense on the field.

The Rams offense coming from South to North on the field.

The Packers’ defense gets itself organized as the Rams line up.

LB Nick Perry (#53) and LB Clay Matthews (#52) put a hit on Rams’ QB Nick Foles.

CB Sam Shields (#37) tries to break up a pass to WR Kenny Britt.

The offense rests during a timeout for change of possession.

QB Aaron Rodgers at work in his office.

Did we mention that it was a really nice sunny day in October?

We hadn’t seen this message before at any game.

Foles lets a pass go to one of his receivers downfield.

This is what it’s like to sit at a Lambeau game with close to 80,000 friends.

A spirited discussion following a punt about whether or not the ball was downed on the half-yard line.

This is what the Rams’ offense consisted mainly of: hand-offs to RB Todd Gurley.

Team president Mark Murphy (with tie) and partially-hidden GM Ted Thompson watch the game from high above. At left, the Packers Radio Network crew is at work broadcasting the game via flagship station WTMJ Radio 620 AM in Milwaukee.

K Mason Crosby boots an extra point at the other end.

Rodgers talks with T David Bakhtiari (#69, left) and C Corey Linsley (#63).

Rodgers at work again.

Handing off to RB Eddie Lacy (#27).

A sack of Nick Foles, Part I.

A sack of Nick Foles, Part II.

The U.W. band plays throughout the crowd during the second half of the game.

An offensive conference on the field near the end of the game.

The final score — another home victory!

Never get tired of seeing this.

Above and following, the U.W. band plays the “Fifth Quarter” after the game.

And then, the drive home for another week of work.


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