Thursday, September 10, 2015

Saints at Packers

The 2015 NFL season is upon us tonight, but Packers fans will have to wait until Sunday at Noon (CT) to see this year’s team in action against the Chicago Bears. In the meantime, here are some images from last Thursday night’s final preseason game with the New Orleans Saints. Above, we see the game’s program cover.

Looking along the Packers’ sideline before the game.

The Saints warm up on the north end of the field prior to the game.

Backup QB’s Scott Tolzien (left), and Brett Hundley get in some throws before the game. Both would play extensively since Aaron Rodgers was inactive.

The scoreboard greets the fans.

P Tim Masthay gets some punts going early on in the pre-game.

QB Aaron Rodgers may not have played in the Saints game, but he was out for a while warming up with some throws to his receivers. 

The Saints hang around the north end zone, home to our seats in both the Green and Gold Season Ticket packages.

The Green Bay Packers are introduced as a unit as they come out of the huddle. During the regular season, the offensive and defensive units alternate being introduced prior to each home game — offense one game, defense the next. 

The coin toss ceremony, complete with the winner of a contest for kids.

Special teams huddle.

The kick-off, with Saints’ K Dustin Hopkins slipping and falling down afterwards.

The QB Scott Tolzien-led offense in the huddle to start the game.

A hand-off to RB Rajion Neal, who would wind up with the Miami Dolphins when the dust settled from the final roster cuts.

WR Jared Abbrederis’ second-ever play from scrimmage for the Packers. Anybody can capture the first play.

Saints QB Luke McCown leads his offense down for a early score.

The New Orleans bench area.

The Green Bay bench area.

The Packers’ defense stops a Saints ballcarrier.

LB Nate Palmer hopes to have that club off of his hand for the season opener.

Trying to keep the Saints out of the end zone again.

RB Rajion Neal hits the hole for some good yardage.

A close-up of QB Scott Tolzien with some light from the setting sun.

The Packers’ defense stops the Saints while heading away from us in the north end.

QB Brett Hundley takes over from Tolzien for the rest of the night.

QB Brett Hundley heaves a long one.

RB John Crockett makes some good yardage, and has found himself a spot on the Packers’ practice squad.

Just another image of a bunch of big guys beating on each other.

The final score. A much better game and outcome than the week before.

And now, it’s on to the regular season!


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