Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Opening Weekend

We spent last weekend in Green Bay, of course to attend the 2015 home opener against the Seattle Seahawks. These are some shots from the two days. We did not bring in the better photo gear, because taking photos at night is iffy at best. We’ll see whether we want to try to do so next Monday night.

The Shopko store down the street had their season banners up. And they had a big Packers sidewalk sale going on Sunday morning. A good place for lower-priced Packers clothing.

We took our guest to Allowez cemetery to visit Earl “Curly” Lambeau’s grave site (above and below).

The NBC Sunday Night Football bus.

What‘s a home opener without the cheese-carving lady?

This is the first time in several years that this view of Lambeau’s east side was not blocked by numerous construction trailers (now that the new Packers Hall of Fame is completed).

Some inside the stadium views in the two hours up to game time. This is when the gates open and fans are allowed inside.

Hey, isn‘t that QB Aaron Rodgers?

Pre-game warm-ups.

Lambeau is filling up closer to game time.

The concourse is bustling with activity.

A few phone-taken game shots.

Finally. After some nerve-wracking losses out in the northwest, we get a victory over our most recent nemesis at home.

These folks (of which there were a LOT), got to travel home after a loss that they paid many hundred (or thousands) to see. How’d you like that fellas?


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