Thursday, September 24, 2015

1961 Championship Press

Digging around on the internet, we’ve pieced together these pages of the Milwaukee Sentinel from New Year’s Day 1962. It is the next-day coverage of the 1961 NFL Championship Game, in which the Green Bay Packers defeated the New York Giants by a score of 37-0. It was the first NFL title game played in Green Bay, even though the team had won six world championships before that day. The 1939 title game was played in Wisconsin, but down in Milwaukee.

Paul Hornung, on leave from the Army, tied a (then) playoff record with 19 points, keying the Packers’ rout of the GiantsOn a 20° day, a (then) team-record 39,029 watched the Green and Gold erupt for 24 points in the second quarter. In all, the Packers scored seven times against the NFL’s top defensive team, amassing four touchdowns and three field goals. The defense, meanwhile, proved a devastating complement, intercepting four passes and recovering one fumble, while limiting New York to six first downs and 130 total yards.
      Two interceptions, by Ray Nitschke and Hank Gremminger, set up the team’s second and third touchdowns, while the fumble recovery (by Forrest Gregg) led to Hornung’s second field goal. Hornung’s final FG came after Jesse Whittenton’s interception. The victory would be the first of five NFL titles won in a seven-year span by the Packers and their coach, Vince Lombardi.

Sources: Google; Green Bay Packers Media Guide; Wikipedia


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