Friday, July 31, 2015

2015 Training Camp — Day 1

Packers Training Camp 2015 opened on Thursday morning, and the season has officially started. The first week-plus of practices are scheduled at 8:20 a.m., so if you’re looking for a good vantage point, you need to get out there early. Let’s just say that we’ve seen the sun rise the last couple of days. This installment of camp images is from Thursday, July 30th, and we’ll be posting more from each succeeding day — as long as we’re here. 

Ray Nitschke Field, on the east side of the Don Hutson Center, is where all Training Camp practices will be held.  

When the sun is rising, there aren’t very many people waiting in line...  

... but it doesn’t take long for a line to grow. This is at about 6:00 a.m. 

Above and below, here are a couple of views of Ray Nitschke Field before all of the activity. 

The first players start arriving over a half hour before practice is to begin.  

There are some special teams drills before the rest of the team joins practice. 

Even so, there’s a mix of starters and players who are involved in pre-practice drills or just warming up out on the field.  

At the practice start time (or shortly thereafter), the rest of the players come out of the Don Hutson Center, where they have been practicing beyond the prying eyes of the public and media.  

A gaggle of wide receivers gets some instructions on the field.  

Position groups head to their drills at the official start of practice. 

DT Mike Daniels (#76) interacts with his line mates and the offensive linemen. 

The other three quarterbacks watch Aaron Rodgers begin their position drills. 

Offensive linemen work against each other on blocking technique. 

A new device for 2015 is this contraption which apparently teaches linemen to stay low in their blocks. 

The safeties work on footwork. 

GM Ted Thompson and team president Mark Murphy watch practice from the middle of the field. 

NT B.J. Raji is back... healthy and svelte.

The offensive linemen and defensive linemen watch some hand-to-hand combat. 

The all-seeing “eye in the sky” camera watches over practice, which is filmed from several different angles for coaches’ and players’ review.

Special teams drills, with the red caps designating offensive players. This makes for easier film review, since players from both sides of the ball participate.

Defensive linemen work with some dummies (insert joke here). 

LB/DE Mike Neal (left) talks with LB Clay Matthews and LB Julius Peppers during a break. 

There was a big crowd turnout on the first day of practice. 

QB Aaron Rodgers sneaks up behind an assistant and slaps him on the rear end. 

Rodgers shows his running form. 

The scrimmage portions of practice begin. 

There is a fair amount of contact, even though the first practice in full pads isn’t until Saturday morning. 

Rodgers behind center with the first-string offense. 

A panoramic view of Ray Nitschke Field during practice. 

RB Rajion Neal shows his form. 

RB James Starks gets cornered by his defensive mates. 

Rookie CB Damarious Randall at work.

Rodgers gets ready to throw in front of his teammates. 

Probable second-string QB Scott Tolzien works with the second offense.

WR Jordy Nelson, back and feeling fine after offseason hip surgery. 

Rodgers, throwing under pressure from the defense. 

This is what we like to see during training camp. 

G Josh Walker, G T.J. Lang, and T Bryan Bulaga chat while moving from drill to drill. 

Some special teams work on field goal drills

Game situations later in practice... great for those of us starving for football after the long offseason. 

RB Eddie Lacy follows his blocking. 

Rodgers scrambles, looking for a receiver. 

Both front lines work on their technique against each other. 

Some offensive starters taking a breather on the sideline nearest the bleachers. 

A close-up of QB Aaron Rodgers near the end of practice. 

The area behind the stands bustles with fan activity as practice winds down. 

The camera on the other end films defensive work. 

The whole team gathers together for post-practice remarks from Head Coach Mike McCarthy

The Green Bay sunset at the end of Thursday, seen through a bug-splattered windshield.