Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Super Bowl 50 Hoopla

Have you always liked the color gold? Well, then this is the year for you! In honor of Super Bowl 50 being played next February, there are many gold accents being added to the NFL in the coming 2015 season. Above, we have the official Super Bowl 50 logo, which will break the tradition of Roman numerals for one year only. Apparently, Super Bowl “L” just didn’t grab the marketing folks.

We learned from the NFL Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, this week that each stadium will have the treatment shown above to their 50 yard line. 

The NFL “Kickoff” and “Playoffs” logos will also have gold accents. 

The NFL Draft, which is at the end April in Chicago, will have the gold logo seen above.

There will also be golden outline treatment of each team’s logo, although the specifics of this aren’t clear at this point. We have heard that the schedule itself will have many re-matches of Super Bowl opponents playing each other, but there’s more to come on that.

The Pro Bowl uniforms will also have gold accents and solid-color treatments, of which we have never been fans. Can you imagine the Packers in all-green or all-golden uniforms? There would be riots in the streets of Wisconsin!

The high school of every player to have played in a Super Bowl will receive a gold football like this, inscribed with the player’s name, team, and school. 

The image seen above and the following six were provided to the media to publicize the fact that this is a big year for the NFL. 

This is sure glittery and snazzy and all, but it also emphasizes our belief that The League and most modern-day fans think that anything that happened before Super Bowl I is ancient and irrelevant. It’s tough to get old.