Friday, January 30, 2015

Eleven Out of 100

Over at Sports Illustrated, they‘ve put up a fine photo gallery of what they have picked for the “100 Best Super Bowl Photos” of all time. We’ve singled out the images which pertain to the Green Bay Packers’ five appearances in The Big Game™. Above, team captains Willie Davis (#87) and T Bob Skoronski (#76) meet the Kansas City Chiefs’ captains (C John Gilliam, #65, and DE Jerry Mays, #75) at midfield before Super Bowl I in January 1967. Compare the sparseness of this photo to what you’ll see on Sunday evening.

QB Bart Starr gets a pass off under the rush of DT Buck Buchanon (#76) in Super Bowl I.

Coach Vince Lombardi watches Super Bowl I on the sideline, with his starting backfield of earlier years — HB Paul Hornung (#5) and FB Jim Taylor (#31). The Packers won the game handily, 35-10, but both players would be gone to New Orleans by the next season. Lost in the expansion draft of 1967, Hornung would never play for the Saints due to injury. Taylor played in 1967 only before retiring.

In Super Bowl II, played in Miami’s Orange Bowl in January 1968, DE Willie Davis (#87) puts the hurt on Oakland QB Daryle Lamonica.

Following the Packers’ 33-14 victory in Super Bowl II, Lombardi is carried off the field with the help of G Jerry Kramer (#64) and T Forrest Gregg (#75), partially hidden.

29 years later, QB Brett Favre celebrates his first Super Bowl XXXI TD throw to WR Andre Rison.

The late, great DE Reggie White has his sights on New England QB Drew Bledsoe in the XXXI game, one of his three sacks on the day. Of course, we all know the Packers won 35-21.  

Above and below, two photos from Super Bowl XXXII against the Denver Broncos. The Super Bowl that Packers fans don’t ever want to talk about (Denver won 31-24).

CB Charles Woodson defenses a pass against Pittsburgh WR Mike Wallace in Super Bowl XLV.

And last on the list is this shot of S Nick Collins diving over the goal line on his INT return for the Packers’ second touchdown of the First Quarter, in their 31-25 victory in the XLV game.

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