Friday, January 30, 2015

Eleven Out of 100

Over at Sports Illustrated, they‘ve put up a fine photo gallery of what they have picked for the “100 Best Super Bowl Photos” of all time. We’ve singled out the images which pertain to the Green Bay Packers’ five appearances in The Big Game™. Above, team captains Willie Davis (#87) and T Bob Skoronski (#76) meet the Kansas City Chiefs’ captains (C John Gilliam, #65, and DE Jerry Mays, #75) at midfield before Super Bowl I in January 1967. Compare the sparseness of this photo to what you’ll see on Sunday evening.

QB Bart Starr gets a pass off under the rush of DT Buck Buchanon (#76) in Super Bowl I.

Coach Vince Lombardi watches Super Bowl I on the sideline, with his starting backfield of earlier years — HB Paul Hornung (#5) and FB Jim Taylor (#31). The Packers won the game handily, 35-10, but both players would be gone to New Orleans by the next season. Lost in the expansion draft of 1967, Hornung would never play for the Saints due to injury. Taylor played in 1967 only before retiring.

In Super Bowl II, played in Miami’s Orange Bowl in January 1968, DE Willie Davis (#87) puts the hurt on Oakland QB Daryle Lamonica.

Following the Packers’ 33-14 victory in Super Bowl II, Lombardi is carried off the field with the help of G Jerry Kramer (#64) and T Forrest Gregg (#75), partially hidden.

29 years later, QB Brett Favre celebrates his first Super Bowl XXXI TD throw to WR Andre Rison.

The late, great DE Reggie White has his sights on New England QB Drew Bledsoe in the XXXI game, one of his three sacks on the day. Of course, we all know the Packers won 35-21.  

Above and below, two photos from Super Bowl XXXII against the Denver Broncos. The Super Bowl that Packers fans don’t ever want to talk about (Denver won 31-24).

CB Charles Woodson defenses a pass against Pittsburgh WR Mike Wallace in Super Bowl XLV.

And last on the list is this shot of S Nick Collins diving over the goal line on his INT return for the Packers’ second touchdown of the First Quarter, in their 31-25 victory in the XLV game.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Happy Birthday, Packerville, U.S.A.!

We missed our own birthday by one day! January 28, 2007 is when we started to carve out our little space in the massive internet. Somehow, people from all over the world found us. We have grown in the amount of photos that we publish, hopefully for the enjoyment of our readers. There have been ups, and there have been downs, but we hope that we have established ourselves as a legitimate bookmark in the browsers of many. The numbers of posts have varied widely each year, but that is due to many factors — mostly to available time. As we look ahead to the 2015 Green Bay Packers season, we plan to continue what we’ve always done, and hopefully we’ll come up with a few new things as well. If you like what we do here, drop us a note.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Auction Gallery

Regular readers of this site know that from time to time, we look through auction offerings and find some interesting things to display here in Packerville, U.S.A. That is the case today, and we start with an image of Arnie Herber and Clark Hinkle punting for the press cameras. According to the caption on the reverse side, they were practicing at DeWitt Clinton Park, New York, on November 8, 1934 in preparation for their upcoming game against the Giants.

Hinkle is seen here as well, but in 1938 during practice. 

The caption of this 1939 photo reads: “Captain Demonstrates Blocking — As his teammates watch, Milton Gantenbein, of the Green Bay Packers, demonstrates with the benefit of a make-believe football player, how to block effectively. The professional grid players are shown in Green Bay, Wis., August 15.”
(Associated Press)

Early 1960’s-era Green Bay Packers team-issued cuff links

The caption reads: “Arguably the rarest of all 1960's Green Bay Packers glasses (above and below), this 5.25" showpiece features an array of Lombardi era participants. Exhibiting Mint condition throughout, the glass pictures headshots of the following coaches and staffers: Vince Lombardi, Pat Peppler, Bill Austin, Norb Hecker, Red Cochran, Phil Bengston, Dad Braisher, Tom Fears, Bud Jorgensen and Tom Miller.” 

The caption reads: “Presented here (above and below) is a complete set of original blueprints representing the creation of the venue called “New City Stadium.” Bound along the left edge, the collection includes a total of sixteen 30" x 48" sheets that have been properly stored in a cardboard tube and originally sourced from architect John E. Somerville. Given to a friend of Somerville and then sold to our consignor, the blueprints present an array of eye appealing angles and details from the stadium that was dedicated to Packers cofounder Curly Lambeau, in 1965.”

To see more items offered by this seller, visit Heritage Auctions.

Friday, January 23, 2015

On the Cover... *Sigh*

It’s nice when the Packers make the cover of Sports Illustrated, but this week it’s for the wrong reason — by losing the NFC Championship game to the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday. O.K., they might’ve made the cover for beating the Seahawks, but it’s sad to see this and wonder what should’ve been... up until that last 3:52 or so in the 4th Quarter. Will the disappointment wear off eventually? Remember Super Bowl XXXII, or the 4th and 26, or the six INTs in St. Louis, or Atlanta freezing the Packers in Lambeau, or Favre’s last throw for Green Bay?... exactly.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Packers Say Thanks

It may not exactly make anyone feel better after Sunday’s game, but the Packers took out this full page “Thank You” ad in both the Green Bay Press-Gazette and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on Monday, January 19th. Our grieving and recovering continues...

Monday, January 19, 2015

Well, we’re guessing that the photo above represents the mood of most Green Bay Packers fans following yesterday’s stunning collapse in the NFC Championship Game. It was all there for the taking, when various factors and decisions squandered a sufficient lead, allowing the Seahawks to once again defeat the Packers — this time with a Super Bowl XLIX appearance on the line. 

Fingers can, will be, and have been pointed, but you won’t find that here. This site is for celebrating the long, storied history of the team, and we will continue our mission into the offseason and beyond. But this loss will take a very, very long time to get over — if fans can ever get over it.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Green Bay vs. Dallas Playoff

Time to post the images from the Packers’ last home game of the 2014 season, which was the NFC Divisional Playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys. We went up to Titletown on Saturday, and spent a while in the Lambeau Field Atrium. There seemed to be quite a lot less fans milling about than before the Detroit game two weeks prior. This may be due to the fact that it was a game that many people decided to come up just for the day, instead of making it a game weekend. With the regular season games, people secure lodging and plan the trip for months, whereas with the postseason games, there isn't much lead time.

In fact, there were still Lambeau Field tours available in the late afternoon, when they sell out most any other game weekend.

Former DE Sean Jones (1994-1996) and DE Santana Dotson (1996-2001) were signing autographs in the Packers Pro Shop on Saturday afternoon.

See above...

Above and below, two festive ice sculptures outside Lambeau Field for the playoff game.

The way to go is to arrive early and snag a free parking spot on one of the city streets near the stadium.

Walking to the stadium.

Fans tailgating along Brookwood Drive on the west side of the stadium.

Empty Lambeau Field concourse early on.

The first view of the Lambeau Field field after arriving.

We spent our obligatory pre-game time behind the Packers’ bench.

Since this was the first Noon game in a while, the lines were long to grab a brat for lunch before the start.

NFC Divisional Playoffs banner.

WR Jordy Nelson is out early warming up.

All sorts of extra stuff ready to go on the sideline.

QBs Matt Flynn (left) and Scott Tolzien go through their warm-up paces.

Way too many Cowboys fans were at Lambeau on Sunday.

QB Aaron Rodgers (above and below) comes out to limber up the ol’ arm (and calf).

Looking up at the broadcast booths from the Packers sideline.

K Mason Crosby talks with a staff member.

All of the Microsoft Surface tablets are readied for use during the game.

WR Randall Cobb is out in full uniform before much of the rest of the team.

Rodgers leads the majority of the team out of the tunnel for warm-ups.

Team huddle outside the tunnel.

Rodgers comes over to the sideline to make some throws.

Calf? What calf?

Nelson gets in game mode.

The pre-game coin toss.

Crosby kicks off to the Cowboys.

QB Tony Romo at work on the Cowboys’ first possession.

S Micah Hyde awaits a Dan Bailey punt.

Packers’ offensive huddle.

Rodgers at work in the pocket, where he spent much of the day.

Making a throw downfield.

RB Eddie Lacy hits a big hole.

A pitch-out to Lacy heading left.

Crosby kicks a field goal.

Romo passing against the Packers’ defense near midfield.

Apparently, the Cowboys ran a few plays with no Packers on the field(?).

Dallas Head Coach Jason Garrett (on field at left), watches his team in action.

Packers’ Head Coach Mike McCarthy (far right), does the same.

Hyde awaits the kickoff following a Dallas score.

With Lacy’s asthma trouble, RB James Starks gets into the game.

Rodgers looks for a receiver with great protection.

But he gets sacked here following the breakdown of this play.

Cobb makes a leaping grab over the top.

Starks is corralled by two Cowboys defensemen...

… and knocked down on this play.

Romo gives the ball to RB DeMarco Murray.

A glimpse into the Dallas offensive huddle.

The Lambeau Field faithful watch the action. The weather was mild and not anywhere near “Ice Bowl II” levels that were hoped for all week.

P Tim Masthay gets some game action.

On the ensuing return, WR Dwayne Harris is stopped by Green Bay defenders LB Jayrone Elliott (#91) and LS Brett Goode (#61).

Cheerleaders from local colleges supply the on-field team spirit.

LB A.J. Hawk is double-teamed in his attempt to tackle Murray.

LB Clay Matthews nearly gets to Romo on a rush.

Veterans of the original “Ice Bowl” are introduced to the crowd during a time out. From left to right, LB Dave Robinson, RB Donny Anderson, RB Chuck Mercein, G Jerry Kramer, and WR Boyd Dowler.

Packers offensive linemen in the bench area, waiting to get back in the game.

FOX analysts Troy Aikman and Joe Buck call the game from the broadcast booth.

Wayne Larrivee and Larry McCarren bring you the Packers Radio Network broadcast.

K Dan Bailey misses not one, but two field goals.

Crosby warms up on the sideline in case he’s needed.

Rodgers ready to let a long one go...

… to Cobb, who makes the catch right at the sideline.

What it’s like to be in the Packers’ backfield.

The Cowboys get into our end zone on a two-point conversion.

Giant flag.

The Lambeau Field turf in January.

TE Jason Witten is hard to cover and bring down.

The NFL Films crew working their field-level camera in the North end zone.

DT Mike Daniels gets a sack of Romo.

The disputed catch, as we saw it (it was at the other end of the field).

Rodgers in conference with McCarthy during a time out.

DT Tyrone Crawford takes flight in front of a surprised Rodgers.

Rodgers and his teammates enjoying a time out once victory is assured.

Game over!

The final score (whew!).

You’re welcome.

Darn right.

Rodgers is interviewed after the game.

Cobb is interviewed as well.

Rodgers leaves the field.

Fans linger after the game (above and below).

Your Packerville, U.S.A. editor, who normally stays behind the scenes, says “good bye” from Lambeau Field — and “GO PACK!”