Thursday, December 04, 2014

Packers vs. Patriots

It’s time to post our gallery from Sunday’s Packers-Patriots game at Lambeau Field. Before we head inside, here is an example of just a few of the Packer-themed party vehicles one might encounter on game day.

Entering Lambeau a couple of hours before the game.

As you probably know by now, we like to go down behind the Packers’ bench area and see what’s going on.

A couple of views (above and below) of the sideline area as things are being set up for the game.

K Mason Crosby and P Tim Masthay are always out early to warm up and judge the wind, etc.

Packers equipment behind the bench.

Communications equipment.

New England QB Tom Brady comes out for pre-game warm-ups.

The Packers come out for their pre-game warm-ups.

WR Jordy Nelson.

Another reason we like to go down behind the Packers’ bench area is to be close to QB Aaron Rodgers as he makes some warm-up throws.

WR Randall Cobb was Rodgers’ “ball catcher” so that the QB wouldn’t jam a finger or something while playing catch with Nelson.

Rodgers greets an official before the game.

Nelson and QB Matt Flynn were on the other end of the Cobb-Rodgers throws.

Team huddle by the tunnel before doing some stretching and unit warm-up drills.

Above and below, players are stretching things out.

The game kick-off comes to S Micah Hyde.

The Packers’ offense gets to work.

RB Eddie Lacy gets a hand-off.

WR Jarrett Boykin and Cobb in the offensive backfield.

QB Tom Brady, a future Hall of Famer, works the New England offense.

Hyde receives a New England punt.

Rodgers and his offense during a TV time out.

Rodgers makes sure that Lacy hears the adjustments before the snap.

Rodgers throwing at the other end of the field.

Brady throwing at the other end of the field.

Apparently, some folks don‘t know when they should be loud at a game.

RB James Starks gets a hand-off.

Rodgers throws.

Players coming off the New England bench.

Nelson works against the Patriots’ CB Darrelle Revis.

The services of the “chain gang” are required.

The Packers’ offensive line opens a hole for Lacy.

LB Sam Barrington gets a nice hit on Brady.

Brady at work.

Make some noise.

Rodgers makes a few adjustments before receiving the snap from C Corey Linsley.

Rodgers, in cape, talks with Head Coach Mike McCarthy during a time out late in the game.

And again a little bit later.

GAME OVER! The Packers beat the New England Patriots in a highly anticipated match-up between the two best teams in the league.

The final score.

Rodgers is the last one to head to the locker room, and is seen here talking to the media after the game.


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