Thursday, December 11, 2014

Packers vs. Falcons

On the drive up to Green Bay on Monday for the Packers-Falcons game, the snow started between Sheboygan and Manitowoc, Wisconsin. It was a wet, heavy snow since the temperature was around 35 degrees. 

That’s the glow of Lambeau Field off in the distance, as seen from our parking spot a few blocks to the West of the stadium. 

Lambeau on a snowy night in early December. 

Thank you, kindly. Always good to be in Lambeau.

A flag that covered the entire field was used during the national anthem. 

Packers players come out of the tunnel for pre-game warm-ups in the snow. 

WR Randall Cobb loosens up with a few throws. 

All of the Packers’ quarterbacks pose with their position coach. From left to right, Scott Tolzien, Matt Flynn, QBs Coach Alex Van Pelt, and Aaron Rodgers.

Atlanta Falcons players do some stretching in the snow flurries. 

The ESPN Monday Night Football crew do their pre-game show from field level. 

Quarterbacks, receivers, and tight ends limber up along the Packers’ sideline. 

The mid-field coin toss is conducted, which the Packers won and elected to get the ball first. 

RB Eddie Lacy works for some yards early in the game. 

The Packers offense, led by QB Aaron Rodgers, at work. 

LB Julius Peppers makes a stop on RB Steven Jackson. 

WR Jordy Nelson is dragged down by CB Desmond Trufant after a reception. 

More yardage for Lacy in a mass of bodies. 

Rodgers and the offense on the move. 

Nelson ready to work against CB Robert McClain. 

The Packers approaching the North end zone. 

After a late hit on a scrambling Rodgers, a scrum broke out on the sideline near the goal line. 

The Lambeau Tundra Line performs during a TV time out. 

K Mason Crosby kicks an extra point. 

QB Matt Ryan gets a pass off into the Packers’ secondary. 

S Micah Hyde awaits a Matt Bosher punt. 

Rodgers and his offensive teammates take a break during a time out. 

The offense huddles up before the next play. 

Rodgers makes some adjustments at the line of scrimmage. 

Rodgers hands off to RB James Starks

The offensive line takes a break on the heated bench. 

The Monday Night Football broadcast booth on the bottom level of the press box. 

As if we didn’t get enough of him while he was with the Chicago Bears, KR Devin Hester now plays for the Falcons. 

Atlanta huddles up before a play in the North end of the field. 

Atlanta coaches and staff along the sideline. 

S Morgan Burnett, LB Clay Matthews, DT Datone Jones, and CB Tramon Williams wait for the Falcons to line up for the next play. 

WR Julio Jones — who had a record-breaking night — makes another reception despite the efforts of CB Davon House

S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix shares a laugh with an official. 

The Packers’ defense makes a stop short of the goal line. 

Crosby kicks a successful 53-yard field goal. 

The Falcons on their way to another score in the North end zone. 

On the final drive, Starks played a crucial role to preserve the victory with his runs. 

Rodgers and Head Coach Mike McCarthy confer during a late-game time out. McCarthy, with this victory, tied Vince Lombardi’s 98 wins for second place all-time behind Earl “Curly” Lambeau.

Rodgers takes a knee to run out the clock, and the Packers move to a record of 10-3, and 7-0 at Lambeau Field in 2014. 

Players mingle and visit on the field after the game. 

That’s it, the final score, and the final photo.


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