Friday, December 12, 2014

eBay Photo Day VI

It’s time for another eBay Photo Day, where we scout out some photos from Packers history and provide a link where you can go and purchase/bid on them. Above, QB Bart Starr and RB Paul Hornung converse on the Green Bay sideline during a game. Place bid here.

QB Bart Starr and Coach Vince Lombardi watch the defense on the field during an undated home game. Place bid here.

WR Max McGee makes a fingertip TD catch in the L.A. Coliseum vs. the Rams in 1960. Place bid here.

Undated posed “action” image of FB Jim Taylor. Place bid here

1962 team “Tang” promotional photo. Place bid here

QB Bart Starr on the road pre-game photo. Place bid here

1972 Green Bay Packers team photo. Place bid here

RB John Brockington game action photo. Place bid here

The Ice Bowl-winning sneak in progress. G Jerry Kramer throws his block on Cowboys’ lineman Jethro Pugh, and QB Bart Starr is about to cross the goal line. Place bid here.

Vince Lombardi sideline portrait. Place bid here

LB Ray Nitschke during pre-game introductions. It’s so nice that modern-day lawyers forced the logos and hologram on the front side — they look so nice on a framed photo. Place bid here.

QB Bart Starr about to get the snap from C Ken Bowman on a foggy day. Place bid here

Coach Lombardi and others (including band members) on the sideline in the rain. Place bid here.

Bart Starr in his coaching years, looking dapper in his white pullover sweater. Place bid here

RB Tom Moore avoids Detroit’s Joe Schmidt, who is being blocked by G Jerry Kramer. Place bid here.

RB Paul Hornung is seen in a press photo from his 1967 wedding. Place bid here

The Colts’ Billy Ray Smith shakes hands with QB Bart Starr as the two walk off the field after a game in Green Bay. Place bid here

QB Bart Starr passes against the Cleveland Browns in the 1965 NFL championship game at the newly-named “Lambeau Field.” Place bid here

At an away game, we see RB Jim Grabowski, G Jerry Kramer, and WR Carroll Dale during a time out. Place bid here.


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