Saturday, December 27, 2014

Before The Big Game...

We headed up to Green Bay on Friday morning, and are seen here passing through the fine city of Milwaukee. Since we were not working, there was no reason not to head north early in anticipation of the NFC North Title Battle on Sunday.

Above and below, we see Christmas decorations in the Lambeau Field Atrium. 

An ESPN crew is seen taping a piece for use in the broadcasts leading up to the game.

We were greeted with this Aaron Rodgers stand-up upon entering the Festival Foods store on Mason Street Friday afternoon. 

The Lambeau Field Atrium on Friday night. 

Above and below, we see the Lambeau Field Christmas Tree for 2014. 

While in downtown Green Bay along the Fox River on Saturday afternoon, we took this panoramic shot of the East side of the river. Many of the buildings you see along the shore are already, or will soon be, condominiums and apartments.

It was a cold, dreary, semi-wet day on Saturday. 

Fans are lined up for their chance to snap a photo at the “Lambeau Leap” statue outside the Packers Pro Shop.

Even Detroit Lions fans want to take photos of themselves in Lambeau Field. 

Either this type is a new addition, or we did not see it previously. 

Looking straight up at the Lombardi Trophy statue inside the American Family Insurance entrance.

Former Packers C Mike Flanagan (#58, 1996-2005) and G Marco Rivera (#62, 1996-2004) sign autographs in the Packers Pro Shop on Saturday afternoon.

Photo collage on the walls of the escalator leading from the Packers Pro Shop up to the Lambeau Field Atrium

Lambeau Field tours were doing a brisk business Saturday afternoon. 

Most players have vacated the Players’ Parking Lot by late afternoon. In the late morning, it looked like the team practiced on Ray Nitschke Field, just East of the Don Hutson Center. The lights at the field were on, and a stream of players cars were seen leaving as we were headed downtown.

It’s just our speculation, but we predict that the Don Hutson Center will eventually be torn down, and a new indoor facility will be built across the street in the Lambeau Field parking lot where many of these cars sit. That would make all of the Packers’ facilities connected (except the outdoor practice fields).

Construction continues on the new Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, and the new Curly’s Pub (although the name may change). But the American Family Insurance Gate is accessible throughout the construction. The new hall and restaurant are set to open in March 2015.

Legendary billboard. 

The Atrium was buzzing all day. 

Above and below, the escalator that leads up/down from the Atrium to the Pro Shop. 

The Lambeau Field stands await the thousands that will come tomorrow. 

The seating area and football field are ready and waiting for 3:25 p.m. on Sunday.


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