Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ice Bowl Anniversary

47 years ago this evening, the citizens of Green Bay, Wisconsin were celebrating their third NFL Championship in a row, combined with New Year’s Eve. This was the infamous “Ice Bowl” game, won by the Packers, 21-17. Sure wish we could’ve been there. To commemorate this anniversary, we’re presenting the final four minutes of the Cowboys Radio Network broadcast. If you’re interested, the entire game broadcast can be purchased here.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Before The Big Game...

We headed up to Green Bay on Friday morning, and are seen here passing through the fine city of Milwaukee. Since we were not working, there was no reason not to head north early in anticipation of the NFC North Title Battle on Sunday.

Above and below, we see Christmas decorations in the Lambeau Field Atrium. 

An ESPN crew is seen taping a piece for use in the broadcasts leading up to the game.

We were greeted with this Aaron Rodgers stand-up upon entering the Festival Foods store on Mason Street Friday afternoon. 

The Lambeau Field Atrium on Friday night. 

Above and below, we see the Lambeau Field Christmas Tree for 2014. 

While in downtown Green Bay along the Fox River on Saturday afternoon, we took this panoramic shot of the East side of the river. Many of the buildings you see along the shore are already, or will soon be, condominiums and apartments.

It was a cold, dreary, semi-wet day on Saturday. 

Fans are lined up for their chance to snap a photo at the “Lambeau Leap” statue outside the Packers Pro Shop.

Even Detroit Lions fans want to take photos of themselves in Lambeau Field. 

Either this type is a new addition, or we did not see it previously. 

Looking straight up at the Lombardi Trophy statue inside the American Family Insurance entrance.

Former Packers C Mike Flanagan (#58, 1996-2005) and G Marco Rivera (#62, 1996-2004) sign autographs in the Packers Pro Shop on Saturday afternoon.

Photo collage on the walls of the escalator leading from the Packers Pro Shop up to the Lambeau Field Atrium

Lambeau Field tours were doing a brisk business Saturday afternoon. 

Most players have vacated the Players’ Parking Lot by late afternoon. In the late morning, it looked like the team practiced on Ray Nitschke Field, just East of the Don Hutson Center. The lights at the field were on, and a stream of players cars were seen leaving as we were headed downtown.

It’s just our speculation, but we predict that the Don Hutson Center will eventually be torn down, and a new indoor facility will be built across the street in the Lambeau Field parking lot where many of these cars sit. That would make all of the Packers’ facilities connected (except the outdoor practice fields).

Construction continues on the new Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, and the new Curly’s Pub (although the name may change). But the American Family Insurance Gate is accessible throughout the construction. The new hall and restaurant are set to open in March 2015.

Legendary billboard. 

The Atrium was buzzing all day. 

Above and below, the escalator that leads up/down from the Atrium to the Pro Shop. 

The Lambeau Field stands await the thousands that will come tomorrow. 

The seating area and football field are ready and waiting for 3:25 p.m. on Sunday.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

UPDATE: Week 17 TV Map

The Week 17 TV Maps have been updated, which may or may not affect your area. As in the previous map, the RED areas shown above will receive the Packers-Lions game at 3:25 p.m. Sunday afternoon.
Map courtesy of 506 Sports.

Present from the Packers

On Christmas Eve, our 2014 Packers playoff tickets arrived in the mail. “Green Package” season ticket holders sent in their payment before December 5th, and then received tickets for the same number of seats that they have in the regular season (but only up to four seats). We have two season ticket seats, so we get two playoff tickets. They are for the same exact seats we’ve sat in since we got our tickets. So far this season, that’s six games in these seats, and three games in our “Gold Package” seats.

We’re heading up to Green Bay on Friday morning to stay the weekend. Stay tuned.

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Week 17 TV Map

The Week 17 TV maps are out, and a large part of the eastern and central U.S. will get to see the Packers and Lions battle it out for the NFC North Division crown on Sunday at 3:25 pm. (NOTE: the time has been changed from the original Noon start). If you reside in a RED area as shown above, you’re in luck.

Updates have been non-existent this Christmas week because of general busyness, but we’re headed to Green Bay on Friday, so things will begin to pick up then.
Map courtesy of 506 Sports.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Celebration of Life

Fred “Fuzzy” Thurston’s celebration of life was held on Friday, December 19 at Lambeau Field.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Week 16 TV Map

The TV Map for FOX’s coverage on Sunday is not encouraging for Packers fans. Only those residing in the purple areas will see the game. Even the folks in western Wisconsin will not see it, because they are in the Minneapolis TV market. Unless you have other plans involving sports bars or satellites, remember that you can listen online at WTMJ 620 AM radio in Milwaukee’s website.

Monday, December 15, 2014

“Fuzzy” Thurston Remembered

On Sunday, while watching an unfortunate performance by the Packers in Buffalo, our phone buzzed with a news alert that Fred “Fuzzy” Thurston had passed away. Sadly, we were not surprised after seeing him signing autographs with Jerry Kramer in the Packers Pro Shop on October 18th. We hadn’t seen him for a while, and it was obvious that he had been experiencing health problems. Not long ago, we read that he was in the last days of his life.

Fuzzy was a legend in Green Bay, because of his playing days for the Lombardi teams, sure. But also for his unfailing support of the team he loved, and as a business man in the city. We visited his establishment, “Shenanigans,” several times in its two locations over many years. The hat that he signed will be in our collection forever. He was the kind of guy that you assumed would always be around, cheering on the Packers.

But the stars of what we refer to as “The Glory Years” are aging, as all of us are. The Packers’ success over the last 20 years has been very enjoyable, but the Green Bay teams of the 1960’s will always hold a special place in our lives — for those of us who grew up in that era. As you’ve noticed here in Packerville, U.S.A., there is a heavy emphasis on that era. Here’s to you, Fuzzy, you gave us all many things to remember.

In 2006, Fuzzy published a book titled, “What A Wonderful World: A Story of Personal Triumph.” Luckily, we purchased a copy at Fuzzy’s bar and had him autograph it. It is now an expensive acquisition, but the stories and photos would make it worth it for anyone interested in this era of Packers’ history. We thought we would post just a few of the selection of images from the book here, in honor of Fuzzy. Above, a candid shot of Vince Lombardi and Fuzzy in 1968.

An early photo of Fuzzy with his mother at the family home in Altoona, Wisconsin. 

Fuzzy, lower row center, on the Valparaiso University basketball team. 

Fuzzy sitting on the Packers bench with RB Paul Hornung

Posing with T Bob Skoronski

Playing on the Packers’ offseason traveling basketball team in the 1960’s. 

Posing at “Shenanigans” with fans. 

Mike Holmgren with Fuzzy in Lambeau Field. 

Fuzzy with three 1996 Packers you may have heard of: C Frank Winters, QB Brett Favre, and TE Mark Chmura. They brought another Lombardi Trophy home to Green Bay. 

From the back cover of the book, a photo of Fuzzy at Lambeau Field.
Lombardi-era photos by Vernon and Jim Biever

Friday, December 12, 2014

eBay Photo Day VI

It’s time for another eBay Photo Day, where we scout out some photos from Packers history and provide a link where you can go and purchase/bid on them. Above, QB Bart Starr and RB Paul Hornung converse on the Green Bay sideline during a game. Place bid here.

QB Bart Starr and Coach Vince Lombardi watch the defense on the field during an undated home game. Place bid here.

WR Max McGee makes a fingertip TD catch in the L.A. Coliseum vs. the Rams in 1960. Place bid here.

Undated posed “action” image of FB Jim Taylor. Place bid here

1962 team “Tang” promotional photo. Place bid here

QB Bart Starr on the road pre-game photo. Place bid here

1972 Green Bay Packers team photo. Place bid here

RB John Brockington game action photo. Place bid here

The Ice Bowl-winning sneak in progress. G Jerry Kramer throws his block on Cowboys’ lineman Jethro Pugh, and QB Bart Starr is about to cross the goal line. Place bid here.

Vince Lombardi sideline portrait. Place bid here

LB Ray Nitschke during pre-game introductions. It’s so nice that modern-day lawyers forced the logos and hologram on the front side — they look so nice on a framed photo. Place bid here.

QB Bart Starr about to get the snap from C Ken Bowman on a foggy day. Place bid here

Coach Lombardi and others (including band members) on the sideline in the rain. Place bid here.

Bart Starr in his coaching years, looking dapper in his white pullover sweater. Place bid here

RB Tom Moore avoids Detroit’s Joe Schmidt, who is being blocked by G Jerry Kramer. Place bid here.

RB Paul Hornung is seen in a press photo from his 1967 wedding. Place bid here

The Colts’ Billy Ray Smith shakes hands with QB Bart Starr as the two walk off the field after a game in Green Bay. Place bid here

QB Bart Starr passes against the Cleveland Browns in the 1965 NFL championship game at the newly-named “Lambeau Field.” Place bid here

At an away game, we see RB Jim Grabowski, G Jerry Kramer, and WR Carroll Dale during a time out. Place bid here.