Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Day of the Game

November means a great month for football. It also means hundreds of hours at work. Which makes it difficult to keep things updated here on Packerville, U.S.A. But we wanted to post this Part II from the Sports Illustrated September 9, 1963 issue. It is an excerpt from the then-forthcoming book “Run to Daylight,” by Vince Lombardi with W.C. Heinz. 

According to Amazon: “Run to Daylight! is Lombardi’s own diary of a week at the helm of that magnificent club. Together with legendary sports-journalist, W.C. Heinz, Lombardi takes us from the first review of game films on Monday right through the final gun on Sunday afternoon. We see the planning, the plotting, the practice and the pain as forty-plus men come together to form that precision unit that makes for winning football. Lombardi gives us his views on life, the game, coaching, success, family, and the famed "Lombardi Sweep."