Friday, September 26, 2014

Packers vs. Bears 1960

For “Bears Week,” we’re posting some scans from the September 25, 1960 Green Bay-Chicago game program. “City Stadium,” of course, has been called Lambeau Field since 1965. The illustrations on program covers of this era are so great... and how about that price? 25¢!!!  It seems late now, but this was the 1960 season-opener.

In-depth local Packers coverage at that time was provided by Lee Remmel and Art Daley — two of the Green Bay Press-Gazette’s finest.

Head coach Vince Lombardi and his 1960 staff (above and below)

Green Bay’s executive committee and board of directors for 1960. 

Player photos are used throughout the program. How nice they all look in their coats and ties. 

Assistant coach Bill Austin explains offensive line play to the average fan. 

Some much lesser-known players from the era, and the famous Packers Lumberjack Band. 

Ads like this are not seen in today’s game programs. Too bad.

The 1960 Green Bay Packers roster. 

The people in Lombardi’s front office were very important, too.

The 1960 Chicago Bears roster. 

Manci’s Supper Club was a popular place at that time. 

You certainly don’t see NFL team photos like this anymore.

 A shot of Packers-Bears preseason game action from Milwaukee.

Rahr’s Beer was a popular local brew in Northeast Wisconsin. 

From the Press-Gazette just last week: “Bertrand Sports Shop, a provider of athletic equipment to youth athletic teams across the city, is closing after 83 years. Gary Bertrand said the family-owned store will close in a couple of weeks, after selling its inventory. The store opened in 1931 on Washington Street where the parking ramp is now located, Bertrand said. It consolidated in its current 419 N. Broadway building about 1975, after a fire in the east-side store.”

On that 52-degree fall day in Green Bay, the Bears came out on top by a score of 17-14 in front of a capacity crowd of 32,150.


Anonymous said...

The 1960 Chicago Bears roster:

No.12 Bratkowski, Zeke

Career history:

Chicago Bears (1954–1960)
Los Angeles Rams (1961–1963)
Green Bay Packers (1963–1971)
Chicago Bears (1973)*
*Inactive and/or practice squad member only

He was drafted by the Chicago Bears and played five seasons in Chicago. He played for the Los Angeles Rams for three years before being signed by Vince Lombardi for the $100 waiver fee to become the "super sub" to Bart Starr. In Green Bay, he was nicknamed "Uncle Zekie." He became an ideal backup and spot starter during the Lombardi championship era. In a 15-year NFL career, Bratkowski passed for 10,345 yards and 65 touchdowns.

God Bless "Uncle Zekie"!

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