Thursday, August 21, 2014

Packers-Raiders from the Past

We’re heading up to Green Bay tomorrow afternoon to attend the Packers-Raciers preseason game at Lambeau Field. This will be a 7:00 p.m. national TV game (on CBS), enabling Packers fans outside Wisconsin to see the team for the only time this preseason. The most famous meeting of these two teams was, of course, in Super Bowl II, where the Packers won their second “Big Game,” capping off three NFL titles in a row. Above, DE Willie Davis sacks Raiders QB Daryle Lamonica. Let’s look at some more images from this game.

QB Bart Starr looks for his open receiver as LT Bob Skoronski (#76) provides protection. 

DT Ron Kostelnik puts pressure on Lamonica. 

LB’s Lee Roy Caffey (#60) and Ray Nitschke (#66) chase Raiders’ RB Hewritt Dixon.

Starr tries to elude the grasp of Oakland DT Dan Birdwell. 

An aerial photograph of Miami’s Orange Bowl stadium — the site of Super Bowl II — that we had not seen before. It was taken during pre-game festivities. 

Head Coach Vince Lombardi is hoisted on the shoulders of RT Forrest Gregg and RG Jerry Kramer following his final game with the Green Bay Packers.

Another view of almost the same moment that we’d never seen before.

The Super Bowl II game program cover... only $1.00!  Seen on eBay today for $350.

The Green Bay Packers received this ring to commemorate their Super Bowl victory and the feat of achieving three World Championships in a row.

Depending on the weather, we hope to bring you some photos from the game tomorrow night. Stay tuned.
Photo: Mears Online Auctions, NFL, Associated Press.


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