Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chiefs at Packers

Since our last post, we’ve been neglecting the ol’ blog here, so we want to start things up again with some photos from Thursday evening’s preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs. We were in town again after having attended the previous Friday’s game with the Oakland Raiders.

Here’s how things look about 90 minutes or so before kick off. 

Packers players are out and warming up in shorts before going back into the locker room to don their full uniforms. 

The old steps of the original Lambeau “bowl.” 

The Gate Keeper who keeps people like us off the field and sideline area. That privilege is reserved for people who work for, or know, the team’s various corporate sponsors.

Chiefs players warming up as well. 

The Packers’ sideline area. 

The NFL is a small world. Players from each team often know one or two players from college, or from playing on other teams, etc. There’s always some visiting going on before and after games. 

Players come back out to warm up in full equipment, then head back to the locker room again before emerging as a team for the pre-game introductions. 

The game is underway. There is no more meaningless game (for the fans) than the last preseason game. Almost no starters even dressed for the game. The players trying to make the team are the only ones with a vested interest in what happens on the field. 


At halftime, they had youth football teams on the field, running plays. Some of these lucky kids got to play on the Lambeau turf, score a touchdown there, and do the “Lambeau Leap.” 

Leaving Lambeau at the end of the night. 

We picked up these fine two new additions to the McFarlane™ line while in town. 

Packers fans aren’t the only ones who are loyal to their team, and who follow them to away games. We saw this camper in the Lambeau Field parking lot on Saturday afternoon.