Sunday, May 11, 2014

Construction Update II

We unexpectedly found ourselves in Green Bay a weekend ago on Packerville business, and spent some time documenting the ongoing construction at Lambeau Field. This is the east side of the stadium, showing the new players’ parking lot entrance under the walkway at left.

The new east entrance to the Packers Pro Shop is coming along. It is now encased with glass and, per the announcement this week, will contain a 50-foot tall replica of the Lombardi Trophy inside.

Here are some views of the construction, with notes as needed. 

Work on the new ground level plaza. 

We’re not sure what this will be, but it was close to the fence so we took a photo. 

You can now see the glass wall of doors and windows under the Atrium, which will be the new entrance of the Packers Pro Shop. 

There’s still some work to do. 

The stairs leading up from the plaza to the Atrium access walkway. On each side of this will stand the relocated statues of Vince Lombardi and Curly Lambeau. At left will be a “Lambeau Leap” photo opportunity area. 

This new curved walkway comes around the northwest side of the stadium to the plaza area.

This used to be the main plaza area, but is now the roof of the new Packers Pro Shop. 

Since our last visit, the north end construction fence line has been moved back from the sidewalk area almost to Lombardi Avenue. Be very careful if you walk here to take photos. Luckily, it was a Sunday morning when we were there, so traffic was light. 

Some players or coaches cars in the lot on a Sunday morning in May. 

If you were fortunate enough to play for the Packers, you would walk through these doors to work every day. 

A couple of views of the northeast corner of the stadium. 

The construction theme also applies to Oneida Street, which runs along the east side of Lambeau Field. Pretty extensive stuff, which should be done by Training Camp time.

If the NFL Draft were held in late April when it normally has been in the past, this field might have been filled with players in a Mini-camp practice session. But alas...

The Ray Nitschke Field Training Camp facility quietly awaits the fans of late summer. 

A beautiful Green Bay sunset over the Don Hutson Center and Lambeau Field in May.


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