Monday, April 07, 2014

Goodbye to Packers Pro Shop III

When we were in Green Bay the weekend before last, we made our final trip to Packers Pro Shop III. We call it that because we have seen all the incarnations of the Packers’ retail effort since the late 1980s. For our younger readers, there was a time not that long ago when it was hard to find Packers apparel even in Green Bay. The best bet was at a Montgomery Wards at the local mall. Then someone got the idea that maybe they should try and sell their own merchandise right at Lambeau Field. So they started with a small alcove off the main lobby of the old administration building (Packers Pro Shop I). Then, as the merchandising concept took off in the NFL, they built a whole store attached to the building (Packers Pro Shop II). When Lambeau was renovated and expanded in 2001-2003, the Pro Shop (III) as we have known it, came into being. Now, with the renovation of the Atrium, Packers Pro Shop IV promises to be much bigger and better. These photos are being offered for posterity regarding this era of Packers retail history. And many of our posts are for people who have never been to — and may never get to — Lambeau Field or Green Bay.

We are looking forward to the opening of the new Pro Shop (IV) in July.


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