Tuesday, March 11, 2014

eBay Photo Day

We spent some time on eBay this week, and found a veritable plethora of Packers-related images to share with you. We also provide links to each item so that interested readers can bid or purchase them, if they desire. Above, head coach Curly Lambeau (center) talks over a play with B Harry Mattos (#23, left) and G Lon Evans (#51, right) in 1936. Bid here.

Your 1941 Green Bay Packers. Bid here.

Game program for the 1961 Thanksgiving Day game in Detroit. The Packers won, 17-9. Bid here.

A press pass for the 1963 College All-Star game in Chicago’s Soldier Field. The all-stars beat the World Champion Packers, 20-17. Bid here.

DE Willie Davis and LB Lee Roy Caffey stop a Baltimore Colt in 1966. Bid here

WR Boyd Dowler gets upended by a Cardinal. Bid here.

Back-up QB Zeke Bratkowski and head coach Vince Lombardi on the sideline. Bid here.

HB Tony Canadeo leaps over a teammate in practice, 1943. Bid here.

QB Charlie Brackens played in only one game in during the 1955 season, in the closing minutes of a game against the Cleveland Browns on October 23, 1955. He was placed on waivers after that game. Bid here.

K Chester Marcol, in a 1970s publicity shot. Bid here.

QB Brett Favre, whose number will be retired soon in Green Bay. Bid here

HB/PK Paul Hornung kicks from a QB Bart Starr hold, in a publicity shot. Bid here

Hornung runs behind a FB Jim Taylor block during the 1965 NFL Championship game in Green Bay. Bid here

A relatively rare image of the legendary Don Hutson (#14) making a tackle on defense. Bid here.

G Jerry Kramer looks for someone to nail. Bid here

 RB John Brockington, in a 1970s publicity shot. Bid here.

 QB John Hadl, in a 1970s publicity shot. Bid here.

A line of scrimmage shot from the ’65 championship game. Bid here

We’ve never seen this outstanding photo before — Lombardi in a meeting room, reviewing game film. Bid here

Lombardi in the sun on the road. Bid here

An unhappy Lombardi in the rain in San Francisco. Bid here.

Lombardi gestures in practice, with LB Ray Nitschke looking on. Bid here

Lombardi watches the action on the field. Bid here

Lombardi poses on the practice field. Bid here

Lombardi shouting on the sideline. Bid here

In the rain at Lambeau Field. Bid here

A close-up of The Coach in his classic hat. Bid here

Lombardi with his HB, QB, and FB, on the road. Bid here

QB Bart Starr warms up during pre-game at Lambeau. Bid here

A photo filled with NFL Hall of Famers — FB Jim Taylor (#31), T Forrest Gregg (#75), Vince Lombardi, and QB Bart Starr (#15). Bid here

Lastly, an early image of Packers’ LB Ray Nitschke. Bid here.


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