Friday, March 21, 2014

eBay Photo Day II

It’s time for another photo day from the eBay auctions of Green Bay Packers photographs. Above, RB Paul Hornung stands with head coach Vince Lombardi on the sideline. Bid here

QB Bart Starr scrambles during the Ice Bowl — the 1967 NFL title game. Bid here

Publicity photo of TB Donny Anderson. Bid here

Starr asking for quiet in Super Bowl II. Bid here.

FB Jim Taylor breaks a tackle. Bid here

1961 NFL champions color team photo. Bid here.

A Detroit RB is about to meet Packers’ LB Tommy Crutcher. Bid here.

Head coach Mike Holmgren at a Super Bowl press conference. Bid here

 Starr and Hornung on the sideline. Bid here.

Taylor on a sweep in Super Bowl I. Bid here

Publicity photo slick of Vince Lombardi. Bid here

A victorious post-game Lombardi. Bid here

Hornung announcing his 1963 suspension for gambling. Bid here

Close up of 1961 black and white team photo giving us a good look at the original press box at Lambeau Field. Bid here

Lombardi shakes hands with the Rams’ Les Josephson in 1967. Love the coach’s sport coat. Bid here.

RB Dorsey levens against the Eagles. Bid here

Lombardi is carried by Taylor and Hornung after the ’65 title game. Bid here

C Ken Bowman in a 1974 publicity photo. Bid here

G Jerry Kramer throws the key block for Starr in the Ice Bowl. Bid here

QB John Roach (1961-63) publicity photo. Bid here

RB Dave Hampton in 1969. Bid here.


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