Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More Auction Goodies

From time to time, we look at online auctions for Packer-related stuff. We came across these photos from a previous auction that was closed. But it’s fun to look at all of the fine photos in large format. Above, Ray Nitschke playing fullback at the University of Illinois.

Head Coach Bart Starr during his coaching era. 

QB Bart Starr from his earlier playing days. 

Head Coach Phil Bengston with Starr on the sideline.

Starr coaching on the sideline. 

FB Jim Taylor against the lions in Detroit in 1962. 

Starr in an undated photo. 

Head Coach Vince Lombardi in an undated photo. 

Starr barking out the signals later in the Sixties. 

Starr coaching on the sideline in cold weather. 

Starr ready to hand off the ball. 

Starr along the sideline on a nice Fall day. 

Starr rides the blocking sled during Training Camp. Note vintage Lambeau Field in the background.

Jim Taylor looks for some daylight to run into. 

Starr at a contract-extending press conference. 

Great shot of Starr on the road after having thrown the ball downfield.
Photos courtesy of Mears Online Auctions.


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