Monday, January 06, 2014

Season Over

We survived the cold at Lambeau Field on Sunday evening, but the Packers’ season did not. Once again, their home field had no advantage, as the visiting 49ers came in and played better just enough to come out on top. While the outcome wasn’t as bad as last season’s thrashing out West, it was disappointing nonetheless. They could’ve won that game last night. 

The weather was not as cold as the NFC championship game in January 2008, as the forecasters had predicted. We were prepared for the cold, with the “body warmers” stuck inside our boots being the key decision. Also, there were the two packs of hand-warmers in each glove which allowed us to wear a lighter pair for operating the camera. We will follow up this post soon with photos we took at the game. And now, there’s only about six-and-a-half months until Training Camp ’14, when we start this all over again.