Wednesday, December 04, 2013

UPDATED: Week 14 TV Map

The updated Week 14 TV maps have been released for this Sunday’s Noon games, and the news isn’t good for Packer fans living outside Wisconsin or the Atlanta region. On the map above, only those in the Green areas will see the Packers-Falcons game. This is, if you’ll recall, a game that was supposed to be a Sunday night prime time game on NBC, but it was “flexed” a couple of weeks ago to a Noon “regional” game because both teams are doing so poorly. What that boils down to is a game that was originally going to be seen by 100% of the nation, to a game that is viewable by only a relative handful. Even the folks in northwest Wisconsin itself will not be able to see this game — they’ll be stuck watching the Vikings instead.
Source: 506 Sports