Thursday, December 26, 2013

Vintage Lambeau Postcards

While in Titletown for the Steelers game, we visited one of our favorite spots and picked up a few things that will eventually be featured here in Packerville, U.S.A. These five vintage postcards of Lambeau Field give us some great views of how things were back during the Lombardi Era at 1265 Highland Avenue. Above is an aerial photo looking Northwest. This is a post-1963 shot, as the Packers’ headquarters building appears on the North end of the stadium. In the extreme upper right are the beginnings of the neighborhood of duplexes where we usually park.

Looking North, here we see some on-field action during a Packers-Eagles game, possibly the 1968 season-opener. We get a great view of how the Packers’ offices on the North end overlooked the field. The top row of seats on that end were at ground level, as the field level of Lambeau is below ground.

This elevated view of a Bears-Packers game was perhaps taken from the top of the Lambeau press box — then, as now — along the West side of the field. 

Here’s another view of the field looking North during pre-game warm-ups. This also gives a fine look at the still “open end” of the stadium in an unspecified year.

Lastly, here is some game action with K Don Chandler attempting a field goal, assisted by the hold of QB Bart Starr. Oddly enough, the caption on the reverse side says this is a game vs. the Detroit Lions, while the San Francisco 49ers can plainly be seen as the opponent in the photo.


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