Saturday, November 09, 2013

Saturday Before the Eagles Game

We got up early on Saturday morning to concentrate our efforts on all things Packers. Since we had not done a Lambeau Field Tour in a couple of years, and only during Training Camp, we decided to take one today. Even though we were there at 8:00 a.m., there were a lot of people already in line ahead of us. 

Besides the tour arranging, the Lambeau Field Atrium is quiet (above and below) on an early Saturday morning.  

First of all, we spent some time in the Atrium learning about Packers history. Our guide was knowledgeable and the group seemed to enjoy it. Several of them were Eagles fans, surely jealous of the Packer fan experience compared to what they’ve chosen.

Then we headed up to the fifth floor to check out the suite level. Now that we look at this photo, it kind of looks like a hotel hallway up there.  

The view from inside a typical suite. Who wants to sit up there in a temperature-controlled environment with loads of food, when they can sit out on an aluminum bench? Well, it’s a lot cheaper to sit outside, if you get the opportunity (but there’s about a 1,200 year wait now for season tickets). 

Workers setting out the “card stunt” honoring our nation’s veterans for tomorrow.  

A view of the north end zone. Both our “Green” and “Gold” season tickets seats are contained in this photo. Tomorrow is a “Gold” (former Milwaukee ticket holders) game. 

We then descended into the bowels of Lambeau Field. 

It’s fun to check out the little details when on a tour. 

The Lambeau Field loading dock area from the inside. 

The Packers’ locker room is not part of the tour, but there is this panoramic image outside showing tour guests what it looks like. We have been privileged to be inside there twice — once at the first Fan Fest, and once as a post-Annual Meeting perk.

The Packers come out these doors on their way to the tunnel and the field. 

The tunnel. 

The tunnel opens and we get to step out and see the field. 

We had never been out there when the field was striped and ready for action during the season. 

If you set foot on the grass, you will be killed immediately.

FOX television analyst Troy Aikman was out there filming a segment. He greeted us and talked to us for a minute about how Lambeau is the ultimate for a football fan.

Another view of the field. At about the bottom of the “K,” Bart Starr snuck the ball in for the winning touchdown in “The Ice Bowl.”

Another view of the field. 

Looking up at the new seats from the field level. 

The opposing team’s tunnel from the locker room. The Eagles will emerge from here tomorrow. 

The grass. 

The view from above the opposing team tunnel in the south end zone, 

A daytime look at the plaza area of Lambeau which will start to change dramatically. 

Looking into the players/coaches parking lot. 

Another view of the players/coaches parking lot. 

The renovated Oneida Gate along Lambeau’s east side. 

Finishing work on the new stadium addition and the new players/coaches parking area. 

The TV broadcast area getting all set up on Saturday. 

The Lambeau Field loading dock from the outside. 

We thought that the teams flew in their gear when the team flew. 

But this truck — with the logo seen above, and with New Jersey plates — was backed up and unloading the Eagles’ equipment on Saturday morning. It seems that if it was flown in and just transported to Lambeau from the Green Bay airport, the truck wouldn’t be marked thusly.

Lunch was enjoyed at Curly’s Pub on the Atrium’s second floor. The restaurant will be moving down to the main floor soon. 

Looking out over the plaza area after lunch

Looking out over the plaza area after lunch. 

Later, we waited in line to get autographs from K Chester Marcol and TE Mark Chmura, the two Packers Alumni for this game. They bring in two players for each home game weekend. 

Former Packer stars of yesteryear meet the fans. 

Former Packer stars of yesteryear meet the fans.  

Late in the afternoon, the demand for stadium tours is probably more than they have time for. 

After a trip downtown to visit Bosse’s, we took a drive past Vince Lombardi’s home to hopefully bring us some luck tomorrow.

Fall in Green Bay. 

Only in Green Bay.


Anonymous said...

Marcol was cut by head coach Bart Starr on 8 October 1980 following a rough game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Starr said Marcol was cut because of poor kickoffs, but Marcol felt it was because of his cocaine use
On 14 February 1986, Marcol attempted suicide by drinking a mixture of battery acid, rat poison, and vodka,[7] which severely damaged his esophagus. To this day, he must have his esophagus stretched as treatment

On April 8, 2000 Chmura was accused of sexually assaulting the 17-year-old babysitter of his children. Chmura was tried but found not guilty of all charges.[4] Two days after being acquitted of child enticement and third-degree sexual assault, Chmura acknowledged that his behavior at a post-prom party "wasn't something a married man should do."

via Wikepedia

Mr. Lambeau said...

Yes, all public knowledge. Admitted by the players. All investigated by the justice system where applicable. Time has passed. All parties have moved on. You are welcome to have your own opinion.

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