Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Packers vs. Eagles

It’s taken a couple of days to get to these, but here are some images from the Packers vs. Eagles game on Sunday, November 10 at Lambeau Field. Above, it was a beautiful sunny Fall day, and once you were out of the wind inside the stadium, it was kind of warm in the sunlight (provided your seats were in the sun). 

The view upon entering Lambeau Field’s “bowl” about an hour and a half before game time. 

Looking the other way, towards the north end zone, the end with the Packerville, U.S.A. seats.

Not sure if we’ve seen this logo before. 

Defensive Coordinator Dom Capers on the field during warm-ups. 

QB Seneca Wallace warming up his hands before his first start as a Packer. 

QB Scott Tolzien warming up before his first near-full game performance in Green Bay. At this point, he had no idea. 

A bunch of Packers on the field during pre-game warm-ups. 

LB Clay Matthews (#52) and his “club” before the game. 

 Some Philadelphia Eagles in pre-game warm-up mode.

The “official” team introductions. The offense and defense are alternately introduced for home games.

All fans got complimentary Veterans Day flags. 

 Veterans for Veterans Day weekend.

This was our last game in our “Gold” ticket package seats for 2012. The final three home games (plus playoffs?) will be in our new “Green” package seats.

As the game gets underway, LB A.J. Hawk (#50) barks out instructions to the defense.

 The Eagles’ LeSean McCoy gets an early hand-off. In pursuit is Hawk.

Wallace looks to throw early on. He was in for only ten plays before he left with a groin injury. 

The Packers’ sideline bench area. 

Tolzien is in for the rest of the game. We had no idea that Wallace was injured. When you’re at the game, you’re often the most uninformed.

The offense huddling up. 

 Tolzien looks to throw with some protection.

Did we mention that it was a beautiful day for football? 

Tolzien gets off another throw. 

 He gets some fine protection here from the offensive linemen.

At halftime, four members of a parachute team landed right on the field. 

RB Eddie Lacy (#27) takes a hand-off in the second half. 

Head Coach Mike McCarthy watches his team from the sideline. 

The offense working in the other end of the field. Tolzien goes back to pass... 

... and throws his first NFL TD pass to TE Brandon Bostick, who catches his first NFL TD. 

Eagles QB Nick Foles and the offense coming our way. 

Matthews seems to have a clear path to Foles here. 

WR James Jones makes a catch and gets some blocking help from WR Jordy Nelson

Lacy gets another hand-off from Tolzien with a nice hole opened up in the defensive line. 

Sometimes you see things in the photos that you missed at the game, like Tolzien getting smacked in the face on this play. 

Injured QB Aaron Rodgers talks with McCarthy and Tolzien during a timeout. 

Nice close-up action down near the goal line late in the game. 

The referee is under the gray hood reviewing the Nelson end zone incompletion that probably should’ve been overturned for a TD. 

Alas, a win was not to be today, and many of the new north end zone ticket holders gave up early to head for home. 

The final score.