Monday, November 25, 2013

Packers-Vikings at Lambeau

Here is a short photo presentation of our day at Lambeau Field on Sunday, watching only the second tie game in our 103-game history. Above is the obligatory drive up Interstate 43 on a very crisp morning in Wisconsin. We were glad that we brought so many layers along as it was the second-coldest November game in Packers history.

An early morning shot as we walked over to Lambeau to make a swing through the Packers Pro Shop. The cold did not hamper the tailgating from what we could see, although people tended to be standing around the fires to keep warm.

A cold Lambeau (14 degrees when this was taken) awaits the throngs of fans who were anticipating a hard-fought division battle between two winning teams when the schedule came out, or when they purchased tickets many times the face value from brokers. 

Christmas time in the Packers Pro Shop (above and below)

The game program for this latest edition of the Packers-Vikings rivalry. 

Fans gathering in the Lambeau Field Atrium to stay warm, which is exactly what we did as well. 

This year will be forever known as “the year that might have been.” 

Here’s a look at Lambeau as it starts to fill in. It was time to place our chair-back seats in Row 8 to stake our “butt space” on the cold aluminum benches before heading out to get our traditional bratwurst before game time. 

Jet flyovers are a thing of the past, but they had a WWII B-17 flyover on Sunday, which was really cool. 

Our “good” camera was needed elsewhere this weekend, so we aren’t featuring game photos like we usually do. The phone camera just doesn’t give us the quality we expect.  

The final score, 26-26. Hard to believe the Packers couldn’t score to end the game with the ball on the three yard line right there in front of us in the north end zone. The game did make history as being the first tie since the new OT rules went into effect. With the old rules, the Packers win. Que Sera, Sera.


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