Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Post-Vikings, Etc.

While we were in Minneapolis last weekend, we did not attend the last Packers-Vikings game at the Metrodome. That place cannot be torn down fast enough for us. We did attend an exciting NCAA Division III game on Saturday afternoon. Football played by guys that just love the game and have no dreams of millions of dollars. We got home in time to fully enjoy the Packers’ victory on Sunday night in beautiful HD. One of our Viking-fan business clients gave us the above graphic today during a meeting. It’s worth a good chuckle or two.

And we didn’t know if anyone caught the new Campbell’s soup ads featuring Clay Matthews. If not, here’s one shown above.

Work has been all-consuming, in case you’ve been wondering about the lack of blog posts. Hopefully, we’ll be posting more soon. We’ll be at the Packers-Bears game on Monday night, so we’ll share that experience afterwards as well.


Anonymous said...

Next month.... 11-22-13
is the 50th year since
the assassination of Kennedy.
The world has never been the same.
Your website, and historic knowledge of the packers is always amazing.

The world changed on 11-22-13.

I hope you don't mind that I include some links about the NFL,
Packers, et. el. etc. on your web sight.
I would enjoy to hear your opinions, and from others.

Below are the Links:

JFK Assassination[edit]

On November 24, just two days after the assassination of President Kennedy, the NFL played its normal schedule of games. NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle said about playing the games: "It has been traditional in sports for athletes to perform in times of great personal tragedy. Football was Mr. Kennedy's game. He thrived on competition."[1] Attendance at games went unaffected despite the assassination.[2][3]

However, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins had sought postponement of the games.[4][5] Eventually, the game between the two teams in Philadelphia saw acts of kindness from both sides. Before the game, each of the Eagles players contributed $50 to the family of Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit, who was killed by the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.[6] After the game ended, players on the Redskins asked Coach Bill McPeak to send the game ball to the White House, thanking Rozelle for allowing the games to be played that weekend,[6] saying that they were "playing...for President Kennedy and in his memory

'Parkland' shines new light on Kennedy assassination

Pres. Kennedy assisted Packers in beating Giants for 1961 NFL title

JFK's Friendship with Lombardi Helped the Packers Win the 1961 NFL Title Game


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