Friday, September 13, 2013

The Man Behind The Camera Exhibit

On our trip to Titletown for the Seahawks-Packers preseason game, we stayed the night and made a visit to the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame at Lambeau Field the next morning. We’ve been wanting to share this for a while, and finally found the time and ambition to do so. The reason for our visit was two-fold: to make a last(?) swing through the Hall of Fame before the renovations begin, and to see the special exhibit, “The Man Behind The Camera: The Life And Work Of Vernon Biever.” Biever, in case you aren’t a longtime reader of this blog, was the official photographer for the team for decades.

A look at the exhibit as you enter. 

Taking a look around at the entrance. 

Some informational  graphics as you begin making your way through the exhibit.

The main graphic. 

Vernon using some of the latest camera technology available. 

That’s Vernon at right, with QB Bart Starr. 

Some of the cameras used in his work. 

A great wall of sideline photo passes, etc. 

His field pass from the infamous “Ice Bowl” — the 1967 NFL Championship game at Lambeau Field. It’s probably still cold if you were able to touch it.

A pass from Super Bowl I (left), and the ’67 Playoff game against the Los Angeles Rams at Milwaukee County Stadium (right)

Another “Ice Bowl” pass (left), and one from Super Bowl III (right)

A pass from the Jan. 4, 1997 Divisional Playoff game at Lambeau Field against the San Francisco 49ers (left), and a pass from Super Bowl XXXI (right).

Some of Vernon’s sideline photo gear. 

A custom Packers stocking hat! 

A cool aspect of the exhibit is the set-up of Vernon’s actual basement darkroom. 

As we said above... 

Darkroom view… 

… another darkroom view. 

Also set up was this part of the basement darkroom where he would sit and view the color slides that were processed in a Milwaukee lab. 

Awesome 1960’s technology. 

Some of Vernon’s awards. 

A slide projector, a martini, and a cigarette… the tools of a successful NFL photographer. 

Some articles about Vernon through the years. 

Looking back towards the front of the exhibit. 

Of course, there were exhibit walls on which hung some of Vernon’s best-known work. Basically, think of any classic, iconic photo of the Packers from the last fifty years, and chances are Vernon took it. 

Imagine… perfect attendance at the first thirty-five Super Bowls. Wow. 

Another view of the exhibit. 

Here are a few other things from our Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame visit. Above is a display in the lobby about the creation of the Packers’ “G” logo.

“Please have a seat… Coach Lombardi will be with you shortly.” 

Yep… thirteen. Count ’em… thirteen. Some people have gone their whole lives with their team never winning a championship.

The inner sanctum of the Hall of Fame — the actual “Hall of Fame.” Here the Super Bowl trophies are displayed, and here are all of the plaques of the enshrines in this place of honor. 

A couple of views of the Super Bowl trophies. 

The plaques of all the enshrinees. 

Lastly, also in the lobby is this gigantic photo of the famed Rockwood Lodge, the training facility of the Green Bay Packers from 1946 through 1949. It is believed to have been the first self-contained team training facility in pro football history.


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