Thursday, August 15, 2013

Green, Gold, and Glory

We will get back to our long series on books about the Green Bay Packers, and this entry sort of does because it spotlights a new addition to the market. Sports Illustrated’s Packers: Green, Gold and Glory (2013) follows the yearly trend of quality books about the team which are released before each football season. Are Packer fans more literate than the fans of other teams? Probably not, but the supply volumes about the team from tiny Titletown never seems to decrease. By the way, the ad seen above is from the current issue of Sports Illustrated (the College Football Preview Issue).

"Breathtaking photography has been Sports Illustrated's calling card since the magazine's inception. And with its new coffee table book — Packers: Green, Gold and Glory — has plucked hundreds of dazzling action shots from its vaults to tell Green Bay's storied history… a page-turner."

— Tim McCormick, Milwaukee Magazine