Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Packer Chronicles (1997)

Focusing on the editorial cartoons of Lyle Lahey, The Packer Chronicles: Waiting for the Pack to Come Back is a compilation from the days when Green Bay had two daily newspapers. Today, only the Green Bay Press-Gazette remains, but the Green Bay News-Chronicle gave it a valiant fight for readership for many years. You can read about this former publication here. The book has cartoons from the end of the Lombardi era through it’s publication in 1997, after the Super Bowl XXXI championship.

 Cartoon from the Bart Starr era.

Cartoon from the Forrest Gregg era. The Packers had their share of players’ problems with the law at one time as well.

The back cover.

Find your copy here.

The Packer Chronicles: Waiting for the Pack to Come Back
By Lyle Lahey (1997)
The Green Bay News-Chronicle
222 pages


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