Saturday, July 06, 2013

Brett Favre: Huck Finn Grows Up (1997)

Capitalizing on the recent Super Bowl XXXI victory, Brett Favre: Huck Finn Grows Up tells the story of Packers ’ QB Brett Favre up to that point, which was after his fifth season on the team. One of the early biographies that are out there. The official book description: “Named the Green Bay Packers' Most Valuable Player for his performance in last season's Super Bowl, Brett Favre's illustrious career with the team is profiled in this fascinating book.” 

The center of the book features color photographs from his life and young career. 

The back cover.

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Brett Favre: Huck Finn Grows Up
By Steve Cameron (1997)
Masters Press; Rev Updated Edition
256 pages

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