Friday, June 14, 2013

The Ice Bowl (1997)

This is the second of two books about the 1967 NFL Championship game — better known as “The Ice Bowl.” From the original book description: “The day of the Ice Bowl game was so cold, the referees' whistles wouldn't work; so cold, the reporters’ coffee froze in the press booth; so cold, fans built small fires in the concrete and metal stands; so cold, TV cables froze and photographers didn't dare touch the metal of their equipment; so cold, the game was as much about survival as it was about skill and strategy. On New Year's Eve, 1967, the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers met for a classic NFL championship game, played on a frozen field in sub-zero weather. The "Ice Bowl" challenged every skill of these two great teams. The Ice Bowl: The Cold Truth about Football's Most Unforgettable Game based on dozens of interviews with people who were there — on the field and off — told by author Ed Gruver with passion, suspense, wit, and accuracy.” 

The front and rear flaps. 

 A sample spread with play diagram.

A sample of the photos included. 

The back cover.

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The Ice Bowl: The Cold Truth about Football's Most Unforgettable Game
By Ed Gruver (1997)
McBooks Press; First Edition edition
232 pages

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