Thursday, May 09, 2013

The Packers! (1993)

Published to commemorate the Green Bay Packers’ 75th anniversary season in 1993, The Packers! Seventy-Five Seasons of Memories and Mystique in Green Bay includes the entire history of the team at that time — through the 1992 season. There are a few images of Ron Wolf, Mike Holmgren, and Brett Favre, but Reggie White had yet to play his first regular season game for the green and gold. It contains hundreds of historical images, but suffers two major flaws in our opinion. First, many images have no captions, and many suffer from poor quality color separation and/or printing. Other than that, it was a great document of the team up until the ’93 season, but finding a copy seems to be more difficult than many of the books we’ve featured so far. 

The inside front and rear covers feature some blueprint drawings from the original City Stadium (now Lambeau Field) designs. 

Front and rear flaps. 

Introductory spread. 

A sample of an inside spread. 

The back cover.

Find your copy here.

The Packers! Seventy-Five Seasons of 
Memories and Mystique in Green Bay
By Steve Cameron
Taylor Publishing Company (1993)
240 pages


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