Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Home Field Advantage (1995)

From the book description: “Ken Ruettgers draws from years of experience as a father, offensive tackle for the Green Bay Packers, and public figure to point you to the individual who has more influence over your child than all the superstar media personalities combined....You.”

“Recognizing that our society has a great need for role models, and few individuals successfully rise to the challenge, The Home Field Advantage assures readers that "Yes, you are a role model… whether you own up to it or not. You are being watched. You are touching lives. You are shaping young lives for good or for incalculable harm." Filled with the stories of everyday heroes who may never make the pages of Sports Illustrated — but who may very well find their way into heaven's highlight clips — this book offers powerful advice for men who want to maximize their influence for generations to come.” 

The back cover.

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The Home Field Advantage:
A Dad's Guide to the Power of Role Modeling
By Ken Ruettgers with Dave Branon
Multnomah Books (1995)
221 pages