Friday, May 24, 2013

Downfield! (1996)

Downfield! Untold Stories of the Green Bay Packers, which was published in the year that the Packers would eventually win the Super Bowl after 29 years, focuses on players from both the Lombardi years, as well as the Bengston, Starr, and Gregg years. You will read about on-field exploits as well as updates on the post-football lives of John Brockington, Chester Marcol, Jim Carter, Ezra Johnson, Mike Douglass, Greg Koch, Paul Coffman, David Whitehurst, Ken Ellis, Scott Hunter, and more from the lean years. From the Glory Days, you can read about Bart Starr, Ray Nitschke, Jerry Kramer, Fuzzy Thurston, Chuck Mercein, Marv Fleming, and many more. One reviewer wrote: “Die-hard Packer fans who followed the team through the ’70s and ’80s (when the Packers were so routinely awful that only the most fanatical of fans could follow them) will probably enjoy this book. Young fans, unless they're Packer history scholars, won't recognize most of the players in the book.”  

The back cover.

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Untold Stories of the Green Bay Packers
By Jerry Poling (1996)
Prairie Oak Press
240 pages

As a bonus, while scanning the covers we found this image inside, being used as a bookmark. It is from (as far as we can deduce) the December 6, 1992 game against the Detroit Lions at Milwaukee County Stadium. These were the Packerville, U.S.A. staff seats from 1991-95. Football played in an old baseball stadium on a snowy day... can it get much better than that? To top it off, the Packers throttled them 38-10 with new coach Mike Holmgren at the helm, and a youngster named Brett Favre at QB.